the recession hits home – pizza and beer

pbrandpizzaits well documented that the 84/85 boys basically subsist off the nectar of the gods (beer) and the bread of life (pizza). if you came by our apartments and opened the fridges, you would probably give us a look of pity and fear.. but thanks to some great ‘fine dining’ options in town, we manage to get by. I thought it would always continue as such, living the high life on a dime – until I read this article on msnbc! apparently pizza and beer, long considered ‘recession proof’ by economists, are now subject to the same market fluctuations and price hikes affecting other foods and beverages. the price change hasn’t hit my local haunts quite yet, but the fear is in me.. I guess I’ll have to go calm my nerves with a frosty one and fill my gut with some hot doughy cheesy delight.