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since I’ve been listening to the new The Whitest Boy Alive so much, its really made me delve in to my Erlend Oye back catalogue.. be it Kings Of Convenience or his solo electronic collaborations with many of the world’s top producers, Oye’s voice is always the centerpiece. one of my favorite tracks comes off his 2004 DJ Kicks mix.. Oye sings a cover of the Smith’s ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’ over a Silicone Soul dub of Royskopp‘s ‘Poor Leno’.. confused yet? a lot of the album is Oye singing over other artist’s beats, and this experimentation later led to polished album collaborations, such as the track with Morgan Geist, which ended up on Oye’s LP ‘Unrest.’ anyway – this song is beautiful.

Royskopp – Poor Leno (Silicone Soul hypno house dub) / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out 

oh, and cred to my <3 bsqv for joggin the memories..

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