hating on: Urban Outfitters


It’s fairly easy to hate on UO, even though most of us probably have purchased something from there at one point or another.. and current collaborations with Steve Alan and Corpus are pretty on point. that being said, this little writeup on the ‘Striped Cycling Cap’ really burned my bread:

‘Whizzing around without brakes can do a number on one’s hair. Fortunately, this head-huggin’ elasticized cycle cap, with striped ribbon detailing down the middle, will keep things tame so you can focus on, well, not getting hit by a car.’

it’s not that UO has jumped on a current trend – that’s their business. it’s more the corny nature by which they present their take on said trend. in this case, they’re all about keeping your hair looking good while riding, as opposed to, hmmm, all the other advantages and benefits of cycling? normally we’re all about giving props to things we like on the blog, but today Urban Outfitters had to be hated on.

  • http://artofsprezzatura.blogspot.com John

    I wonder if the team that writes these for UO are corporate dinosaurs that just dickride any new trend or if they are fashion forward, next level kids that approach current trends with apathy and irony? The writeup is really pretty awesome, im just not sure if the joke is on UO or its clientele.