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driving in your car…


since I’ve been listening to the new The Whitest Boy Alive so much, its really made me delve in to my Erlend Oye back catalogue.. be it Kings Of Convenience or his solo electronic collaborations with many of the world’s top producers, Oye’s voice is always the centerpiece. one of my favorite tracks comes off his 2004 DJ Kicks mix.. Oye sings a cover of the Smith’s ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’ over a Silicone Soul dub of Royskopp‘s ‘Poor Leno’.. confused yet? a lot of the album is Oye singing over other artist’s beats, and this experimentation later led to polished album collaborations, such as the track with Morgan Geist, which ended up on Oye’s LP ‘Unrest.’ anyway – this song is beautiful.

Royskopp – Poor Leno (Silicone Soul hypno house dub) / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out 

oh, and cred to my <3 bsqv for joggin the memories..

Supreme Spring/Summer 09

kn22_redclassic NY streetwear brand Supreme is back with their S/S 09 collection, and the lo0ks are really on point.. I’ve been out of the streetwear scene for a while now (working in an upper-end menswear store will do that to ya..), but with an impending career change coming up (to something much more casual/dirtbag-oriented), I’d l0ve to cop me some of this excellent collection. clean looks, updated classics, and great colour choices make this line what it is – top of the heap. more of my favourite pieces after the jump.

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Freeman Transport caps

cap02since I’m actually wearing hats again these days, I’m always on the hunt for the right shape/fit/look.. something classic like the 5-pannel Freeman Transport oiled canvas cap pictured above would do the trick quite nicely, even if I’m just cruising the city, not out hunting deer. I’d also be down for the ballcap pictured below.. true Americana.


Thom Browne Fall/Winter 2009


Fall/Winter 2009 marks Browne’s most ‘pulled-back’ collection yet, according to the designer.. but as Tim Blanks at points out, it’s important to keep this statement in context.. while there may be no outrageous ski hill pieces, there is still outfits that involve four items of the same pattern, overcoats paired with shorts, and the ever-present dwarf cap (toque?). regardless of how unwearable some of the full styles might seem, one or two pieces on it’s own would certainly be most welcome in my wardrobe.. call him ridiculous or a savant, there’s no question Browne is one of the most inventive and trend-setting/shattering designers in the US. more of my choice runways looks after the jump.

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Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade


directed by Hiroyuki Okiura and written by Mamoru Oshii, Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade is one my favorite anime, with a storyline as rich as that of Ghost In The Shell or Akira. with a bit less action than the two aforementioned, the movie relies heavily on the character study of Kazuki Fuse, a member of Tokyo’s secret police (The Wolf Brigade), who’s internal moral battles are the main focus of the movie. with all the philosophical underpinnings you know and love in the best anime, I would definitely reccomend this lesser-know work to fans of the genre who are looking for something they might not have seen before.

like bass?


so here’s a little bass mix to warm you (via hip movement) during this cold winter.. recorded under my Eames moniker, this is the kind of stuff you can expect to hear from me at 1:30 am on the dancefloor..

Eames bass mix winter 09

‘Concrete Things’ chair by Komplot


time for a break from all the fashion stuff we’ve been posting.. this moulded concrete chair was created by Danish designers Komplot in conjunction with Swedish design house Nola. focusing on the urban environment, these two companies showed a bunch of new designs at the recent Stockholm Design Week, which was well documented (along with this chair set) on Designboom. I really like the boxy geometry of the set and the way it blends with the urban backdrop.. form meets functionality. detail shots and the original frame after the jump.

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