Mike Giant x Cinelli

One of my favorite artists, actually people ever is Mike Giant – he is the man behind all the graphics for the REBEL8 clothing line as well as a well respected graffiti artist turned fine artist/illustrator. He is a great inspiration to me in the fact that he took his graffiti career and turned it into a ‘real’ career, through tons of hard work and dedication he has made his mark, literally. I had the chance to meet him a couple of years ago at the Agenda trade show in San Diego and he was one of the nicest, most humble guys you could ever meet. Anyway I was reading his blog on REBEL8 and came across this post he did about Cinelli Bicycles offering to trade him a Supercorsa Pista frame (64cm, he is a giant) and fork for a drawing of his. Well, the drawing was completed and the frame was shipped, and here is a look at the complete he built up and the drawing he completed for Cinelli. now thats a good barter…


Hard Graft ‘New High’ Collection

We have featured the Austrian company Hard Graft before on 84/85, the first time around with the 2Unfold bag and then the Pocket wallet, and now we bring you a look at their newest series to date, the ‘New High’ collection. This collection consists of a Macbook laptop cover, an iPhone cover and a cover for your beloved Moleskin. There is also a few compartments for magazines or newspapers and a pen holder, more specifically the Al Sport pen by Kaweco. The three pieces are held together with their ‘Y’ style herringbone elastic straps that keep everything in place for you. All the pieces are constructed with heavy weight felt specifically designed in Germany for Hard Graft with all the products being constructed in Austria and Europe. This is one company that is setting their own standards and doing what they feel is right, not following trends or what’s ‘next’ in the market, just keeping it simple with good materials and craftsmanship which I endorse. Check Hard Graft for the full breakdown and keep reading for more pics…


Feeling it: Vans Supercorsa Spring/Summer

We had featured the woven Vans Vault Supercorsa for Fall a little while ago and those were great, but now with the release of the perforated models for spring/summer things are getting even hotter. The black and light green colorways are featured for spring but it is the summer offerings of the light brown and white that I am feeling the most. They have a great look to them and with the large perforation holes they will let your feet breath while you rock them with no socks, and this will help let others breath when you eventually take them off…I will take the whites in a 9 please, thank you very much. spring colors featured after the jump…



this incredible collection of pics documents NYC bike messengers from 1987 – 1990.. shot by Shadinyc when he himself was a courier during this era, these photos have been making the rounds on the bike blogs, both for their raw awesomeness and also as a response to 10 Deep‘s s/s 2009 line supposedly based around 1990’s bike messenger style. I’m not taking a side on this debate, ’cause I’m a young gun and don’t really care about anything except actually riding my bike, especially not credibility arguments.. more photos after the jump. 


Philips Carousel – a short film from Adam Berg


this is the craziest thing I’ve seen in a long time. from the official write up:

‘Philips announces the launch of the exclusive ‘Carousel’ movie to promote the eagerly anticipated Cinema 21:9 LCD TV.
To celebrate the imminent arrival of the groundbreaking Cinema 21:9 LCD TV, Philips has launched a new website which will act as the dedicated online home of the world’s first cinema proportioned television screen.
Found on-line at www.philips.co.uk/cinema, the site is host to an exclusive fully interactive movie, entitled Carousel, directed by Adam Berg with music provided from Michael Fakesch. The 2 minute 19 second cinematic feature is filmed in one continuous tracking shot and offers an exploration into the world of movies being made for the cinema screen through the eyes of the director and the special effects and lighting experts. During playback of the movie, users have interactive touch points in which they can access additional content and feature demonstrations.
John Olsen, VP Marketing Television, Philips Consumer Lifestyle: ‘Cinema 21:9 is a world first which we are extremely excited about. It gives viewers for the first time the opportunity to enjoy the immersive experience they get when watching movies at the cinema in the comfort of their own home. And this unique TV now has an amazing on-line showcase, which is packed with interactive content that users will find captivating and educational.’

I don’t really understand all this 21:9 aspect ration jargon, but damn if this wasn’t a crazy short. I love held camera shots – one of the many reasons I prefer 50’s – 70’s cinema over contemporary.. it’s easier on the eyes and makes for more engaging sequences, instead of BLAM BANG CUT CUT SPECIAL EFFECT / REPEAT. in this case I think we get the best of both.. and psychotic clowns.


affordable summer style: sunglasses

now that summer is OFFICIALLY here (it was 28 degrees in MTL today, and I laid in a field all day, drinking ice tea..), it’s time to get your sunglasses game in check. I’ve been rocking a pair of think black Gucci’s for about 6 years now, and I thought it was time for something else to enter the rotation (plus Gucci’s aren’t too hot for my dirtbag cred). I narrowed it down to options by Cheap Monday and Vans – the CM models go for about $40 and have a great shapes, from Wayfarer-ish looks to classic half-rimmed styles to big round joints for the ladies. I eventually went with the all-black ‘Spicoli’ model from Vans, which retails for about $30 and has that same Wayfarer shape with a cool lens tint. paying $200 – 300 for Persols or Ray Bans is fine if you have the money, but hey, we’re in a recession here! more looks after the jump.