Tentar La Suerte


Yesterday my main man Sylvester, the founder of Brakeless here in MTL, got a sweet feature on Cool Hunting. showcasing his one-off custom build in collaboration with Marinoni, this bike is out of control. titled ‘Tentar La Suerte’ (which roughly translates to ‘tempting fate), Sylvester’s ride is typical of his attitude towards fixed gears in general: that there aren’t cut-and-dried rules, and that your preference, taste, and style should be the guiding force in your builds. featuring the crazy Marinoni frame, two Hed wheels, and Nitto and Sugino components, this bike is truly one of a kind. I’ve got mad love for the Romanian prince, and the culture he builds at Brakeless is just as it should be: inclusive, easy-going, and all about getting out and riding. more detail shots of his creation after the jump.