Acquired: Ken Diamond Beer Sleeve


ken diamond beer cozy

Thanks to my man Matt Jensen of Still Life boutique in Victoria, I am now the proud owner of a hand made Ken Diamond original beer sleeve. If you aren’t familiar with his work, he is a leather craftsman from Vancouver who is known for his beautiful hand made moccasins. The beer holder is amazing, the hand stitch and detailed embossed anchor are hype, I am going to crush so many PBR’s in this thing! Check Ken Diamond for more info on how to acquire yourself a pair of his custom moccasins and keep reading for more pics of him at work and his own gorgeous mocs.

Pics via: BOOOOOOOM!


ken diamond

ken diamond1



kendiamond mocs

ken diamond5

  • jensen

    no problem.
    i love mine.
    its also a colab with the megadestroyers…
    and those guys rule.