Ken Diamond

We have featured Ken Diamond’s work here on 84/85 before, including some of their hand made leather moccasins that were only available upon special order. Now they have updated their website, including a shop that features not only their Moccasins but bags, wallets, belts and more. Ken Diamond consists of Ken Diamond himself and Jolene Eeuwes, hand making all the products in their Vancouver B.C. studio. I am a big fan of their work, constructed with traditional methods and done with classic styling. I think I need a pair of the Thomme Mocs in licorice, I’m feeling those ones. Keep reading for a few more of my favorite pieces and check Ken Diamond for the full range…


Fall Mix Etc

A quick mix for fall; tracks that have longevity and stand above their contemporaries, or so I believe. There’s definitely a lot of really exciting things happening in electronic music right now, and the right attitude behind it all. Locally I’m excited for the Falty DL show, brought to us by LSP of Solid! fame, and for my upcoming billing with the always-incomparable Dreamboat. Thanks to Matt Savage for the artwork, and enjoy a soundtrack to another autumn weekend.

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Actual Pain Spring 2010

The line we’ve probably raved about most here on 84/85, this look in to Actual Pain‘s spring/summer 10 line entitled ‘Old God’ shows the line to be once again established as the best graphic smashers going. Pretty much the only full-print graphic stuff I actively acquire, the addition of tanks in this collection is going to be a huge win for the summer rotation. There’s not a lot that needs to be said about the AP aesthetic, you either completely feel it or you don’t. Thanks to the next-level imagination from Seattle-based designer and musician TJ Cowgill, expect Actual Pain to kill it for years to come… full collection after the jump.


Zoologie Fall 2010

Australia has been solidifying itself as a fashion force to not be overlooked over the last few years, and Zoologie is a line that fits that description. Their fall 2010 collection is looking really solid, with a nice range of understated basics mixed with some more unique pieces as well. There are a few great styles shown in the fall 2010 lookbook, and while I’m not a huge fan of the model being used, I think that the looks are very well done. I really like the jackets, like the military inspired overcoat, the duffel hoodies, and brass button navy peacoat. I am also a big fan of the front pocket cargo pants with flannel cuffs and the denim shirts, but thats a given. Keep reading for the full looks after the jump…


Info: Fashionisto

Blacknuss Magazine Vol.1

Here is a look at the recently released Blacknuss magazine, put together by Giorgio Di Salvo of VNGRD Italy. The magazine “aims at bringing together a limited but well-chosen number of artists who are drawn to the book’s unifying theme: darkness. In other words: abjection, sadness, gloom, despair, horrifying pain, depression, anger, rage. Basically: all that is dark in the world. The authors involved for the first part of this project are Erik Brunetti of FUCT, Marco Klefisch from Milanese design firm Marte, Le Messie of False, Italian illustrator Scarful, TJ Cowgill of Actual Pain, Lucas Barcellona, Pane from Italian art collective Why Style, and Giorgio Di Salvo from VNGRD. Blacknuss is published in a very small run (100 numbered copies) and is completely hand made in Italy.” Available now at Unotre and keep reading for a preview of the mag…


R6 Spring/Summer 2010

British menswear label 6876 is collaborating with the Regent Belt Company (also out of the UK) for an accessories run entitled R6, adding yet another competitor to the hand-made leather/canvas goods market. Domestic production, subtle branding, and classic looks should place this line right beside Filson, Billy Kirk, etc, so it will ultimately be the price points that will determine the product’s place in the market. I’m loving the braided leather lanyards, and the day bag is excellently styled too. Hit the jump for more previews of this collection, and look for the line to  be released come February.


Corpus Fall/Winter 2009

One of my favourite lines that I’ve actually got to wear over the last few years, Corpus is a line that’s been plagued by inconsistency. A missed season, chronic incomplete deliveries of the collection; the brand has definitely had to fight some battles in this overcrowded mens market, and being based out of economically hard-hit California hasn’t helped either. All that being said, Corpus is back looking super strong for fall/winter 09, reestablishing their aesthetic of slim cuts combined with anti-fit, and a stark black/white colour palate. Corpus is one of the few lines that has always fit me right off the rack, and their designs always have little intricacies that set the brand apart from its contemporaries… keep reading for more looks from this succinct collection.


Matt Lingo


EDIT: the Massan vid has been taken down for some reason, but trust us, it was good.

It’s been a while since we’ve posted any bike content… maybe that’s because there’s not a ton of quality video surfacing right now. However, if there’s one rider always worth watching it’s Massan, and this new vid by Matt Lingo captures some nice traffic lines down some SF hills. Lingo has provided some of the best imagry of track bike riders over the last couple years, and recently had a book entitled ‘This City Can’t Swallow Me’ published through Blurb, documenting his hometown of San Diego. Now residing in LA, look for Lingo to continue to provide nice shots as he works for pubs like COG and companies like Leader. Hit the jump for photo work and more video.