Cadence Winter 2009

Dustin Klien and his Cadence line return for winter 2009 with a new drop of cycling-oriented clothing and accessories, and as always, the collection is looking functional, unique, and subtly stylish. We’ve been big proponents of the Cadence Collection for a long time now, as it’s one of our favourite business models going: handmade, domestic, tightly designed, and true to cycling culture. I really like the heather grey crew-neck sweatshirt, and I would love to get my hands on the more technical pieces, such as the arm-warmers or the undershirt. Hit the jump to see more from the winter 09 drop.


Hating On: Man Uggs

The two models pictured above may be by powerhouses BAPE and Visvim, but there’s no doubting that they are really just glorified Uggs. This is unacceptable style, period, end of story, It’s been a while since we’ve hated on anything, but lately I’ve seen a few different styles of soft, 12-ish inch rubber-soled boots on many of the leading style blogs. Not only are these hideous pieces of footwear getting exposure, people are actually hyped on them? I couldn’t even begin to imagine how one would wear these, maybe with Lulu Lemon pants and a university-logo hoodie? Guys, if you’re gonna wear boots, stick to the classics, and leave the Uggs to the the girls of Psychology 100.


Wants and Needs: Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens have always reminded me of the brief time I went to Catholic school, hence, negative connotations. However, lately I’ve been searching for a solid black shoe for winter, as my other high-roatation shoe purchase from this season was a chunky-soled Fluevog that I’ve ended up wearing all the time. I really like the contrast stitch on the Docs, and the width is pretty much perfect for that sh*tkicker oi bruv look that I truly appreciate. I’m mostly likely going for the 16-hole classic boots pictured above, which give a good option to either tuck or wear pants over, even with skinnier cut denim. Dr. Martens has been pretty visible in the fashion word over the last little while, most notably for the Raf Simons collabo which featured metallics that put a striking contrast to the conservative styling. Keep reading for a few more Doc styles that I would definitely mess with.


Scion Radio x Martyn


Martyn, who’s ‘Great Lengths’ LP is undoubtedly one of the finest records of this year, recently sat down with Skeet of Scion Radio to chat about the evolution of dubstep, what influences him, and who he’s feeling right now in electonic music. Alongside the likes of 2562 and Brackles, Martyn is one of the select producers who has been pushed in to the dubstep genre by bloggers, even though he crosses many varried styles in his work, can remix anything, and changes tempo with ease. ‘Great Lengths’ is an amazing headphone record, and translates massively on a big system as well. Hopefully we can get Martyn out west sometime in the near future! For now, check the vid for a closer look in to the brain of one electronic music’s current boundary smashers.


7th Day Project: Hense


The 7th Day Project is a monthly video feature done by the the Seventh Letter crew based out of Los Angeles. The video featuring a new writer/artist each month with a short interview or profile on the artist and their work. This month the artist featured is Hense, the Atlanta GA representative of the 7th Letter crew. The video is nicely shot and gives insight into his start in graffiti and his progression away and into other avenues of art. Check the video and go to Known Gallery for the other 7th Day Project videos…


Tim Van Steenbergen Fall 2009

Here is a look at at the latest offering from Belgian designer Tim Van Steenbergen with his fall 2009 collection. The pieces and looks are interesting and unique throughout the entire collection while still being wearable. The cuts are clean but complex paired with great looking details and done in a muted colour pallet. I really like the way the looks are styled, so specifically to each particular piece, with each working together to form the complete look. I’m not too sure if this is where menswear is going, but if this is what the future holds then I’m down. More looks after the jump…

Images: Fashionisto


REBEL8 Winter 2009 Lookbook

Mike Giant, Joshy D, and the rest of the REBEL8 crew definitely do their thing better than anyone else, and while the brand is one that you either love or could do without, you can’t deny their take on classic graffiti and Latino artistry make REBEL8 stand apart from their contemporaries in the graphics game.  This lookbook is the first the line has ever shot, and features the artists and designers in their working environment. Nothing about this collection is groundbreaking, and is pretty much on-trend with a nice combination of flannel, varsity cuts, military inspired looks, and the signature imagery the brand is known for. However, the perfectly nailed-down SF cool of REBEL8 is pretty undeniable, and combined with their fairly reasonable price points I would definitely look to support the line whenever possible… still gotta get my hands on one of the snap-backs. Keep reading for more looks from the collection.


Sign Of The Times: Pendleton x Hurley

The Americana heritage revival has undoubtedly been the biggest story in the menswear market over the last few seasons. We’ve been some of the biggest proponents of this look, as it’s an aesthetic we both wholeheartedly embrace in our day-to-day lives: comfort, practicality, masculinity, and style through subtlety. However, as with everything, a ‘trend’ or ‘style’ can’t stay cutting edge and ‘genuinely cool’ forever. Last week the 84/85 boys took a trip to the Gap and were pretty shocked by what we saw. Red and black flannel print everywhere, from the clothes to promo material to store props. The cuts are much better then in the past too, and all of a sudden we had this realization: are we ready to start buying clothes from places like the Gap? Because it appears as if they’ve decided to cater to our (and the market’s) taste.

One of the most recognizable names in the workwear/Americana sector is Pendleton. A pristine vintage flannel from them is our holy grail of thrifting, and they’ve had some of the best collaborations over the past couple seasons, with the likes of Opening Ceremony and Property Of. A just-released collabo with Hurley, along with our Gap trip, is another indicator of market direction and the way ‘mainstream’ designers and retailers are headed: back-to-basics looks, and always searching for a way to make it credible, e.g. doing a collaboration with the likes of Pendleton, Woolrich, or Penfield. It’s all fine and good for companies to make money, and I’m sure Hurley has tons of it. However, I think it would be wise for brands to maintain their image carefully, and heading down a path towards the giant surf/skate/snow lines could be dangerous. You don’t want to alienate the people who made your wares desirable again in the first place. We’re not going to jump off the workwear bandwagon, just like we won’t abandon trim suiting, or go back to wearing square-toe dress shoes. But I will think a bit harder about purchasing anything Pendleton, knowing some So-Cal ultrabro is going to be wearing the same thing, because he could buy it a Target.