Haywood Suits @ Steven Alan


For a guy who works in a high end menswear/suiting store it may seem a bit odd that I don’t personally own a suit. I fit and sell suits on the daily, so its not like I don’t know what I want or I can’t find something that fits properly, its the fact that I prefer to dress on the more casual side of things, jeans and button-downs. So if I was to own a suit (right now) I would want something that works with my overall aesthetic, more rugged/casual, and suits usually don’t fit in that category. So when I noticed the Haywood suiting collection that is now exclusively available at Steven Alan, which has a more low profile style, I was pleasantly surprised. The cuts are slim but casual, done in a “soft brushed cotton oxford from Japan in fall tones, and two incredible cotton/wool blends from Italy.” I could see myself in a suit like this more than your traditional, formal black suit, its a bit more my vibe, rugged but refined. Check the suit in action on the town in these great shots by Dan Weaver, with more after the jump…


Via: Fashionisto



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