84/85: Year in Review

(photo cred Adventures)

Brendan: Both Kevin (84) and I (85) would first off like to thank everyone who has been reading and viewing the blog over the past year. Your readership deserves the utmost appreciation, as it wouldn’t be much fun doing posts with nobody to read them. 2009 has been a good one overall for the both of us, but with Kevin moving away to Montreal we found it was tough to really focus on the blog from both sides of the country. With the two of us now back together on the West coast we can now focus our combined energies on making moves to progress as a team. We have some big plans and goals for the new year, so I hope that you will be able to follow us as we take the next steps for both ourselves and collectively as 84/85.

Kevin: For our year in review we thought we’d break it down in to two sections. First off is the reader’s favorite (most visited) posts of the year, and then Brendan and I will discuss our own personal favorites and why they mattered. During our time doing the blog we’ve covered a lot of material; I think that we’re both drawn in so many directions certainly contributes to the variety of subject matter posted. Our interests shift constantly, but it’s the overall narrative of the blog that we’ve tried to be consistent with. I hope that if you’ve been reading the site for a while you feel as if perhaps you know us a little bit by now, because we’ve tried to put our own voice in to everything we comment on. Thanks again for reading, and we look forward to a productive and exciting 2010. Now on to the content…

Nigel Cabourn Spring/Summer 2010

English designer Nigel Cabourn is back with a new website, just in time for the launch of his s/s 2010 collection, which draws heavy inspiration from 1940’s British military and casual garb. Cabourn’s father served in India and Burma during this time, and the photographs he took through his travels became the basis for his son’s latest collection, with classic cuts and fabrics as the focal point. I’m really digging the crewneck sweat and the cricketers vest, as a little bit of preppy is always a good look during the summer months. Hit the jump for more of the collection, and make sure to check out the amazing Burma Book, which was produced especially to provide further insight in to the aesthetic that molded this line.


The MTN Diaries

The MTN Diaries is a new video produced by the folks at Montana Colors in conjunction of the release of their new paint line, ’94.’ After watching the video for the second time this evening I realized how good it actually was: with footage from Se, Ques, Horphe and Tomek street bombing in Paris, to Twist and Amaze’s installation trucks in Lyon, to the catacombs of Paris’ underground, this video has it all. The other thing that is great about the video is they have released it for free in HD on Vimeo, so just click through and enjoy…


Superfine Spring 2010

Styled more in the manner of a editorial than a lookbook, Superfine‘s spring 2010 collection is looking razor-sharp, as the London brand moves forward with their high fashion / street punk aesthetic. Featuring model Vinnie Woolston (who wears the line perfectly), the collection is entitled ‘Rebel Yell’ and is inspired by the stylings of Keith Richards throughout the years. The anti-fits and patchwork tailoring definitely make this collection stand out from its premium denim contemporaries, and I really appreciate the colour palate, which is driven by ‘petrol’ and ‘blackboard.’ Keep reading for more looks, and thank to The Fash for the images.


Best Of 2009: Joy Orbison


Possibly 2009’s most internet-hyped producer, Joy Orbsion successfully maintained his trajectory to the top all year with a string of solid singles and remixes. Above is a brand new song entitled ‘She Dressed In Her Best,’ which further developes and emphasizs the percussive, melodic, chop-sample heavy sound that became Orbison’s trademark in 09. Emerging from the same London scene as Shortstuff, Darkstar, L-Vis 1990 and Bok Bok (amongst others), this was the year when dubstep-ish tracks with intricate drum syncopation and interweaving harmonies became the focal point for many of the most forward-thinking producers (although the mega-bass wobble scene continued to expand in to the mainstream, leading to such labels ‘brostep’). Well received by both critics and dancefloors alike, I can’t think of an artist who blew me away more in 09 than Joy Orbison. Hit the jump to stream all his goodness from this year, and hit Beatport to purchase the proper releases.


Wants and Needs: Quoddy Ring Boots

I have been in the market for a pair of  moccasin style shoes/boots for a little while now. I also wanted to get something a bit different than your traditional moccasin style, so insert the Ring Boot done by Quoddy. The boot features a ring style closure with a beautiful heavy leather upper, crepe or chrompak sole finished with hand sewn details. All of the Quoddy products are hand made in Maine with the entire Quoddy catalogue being impressive, but its these ring boots that really catch my eye. I know I would want to do the crepe sole but now the only thing is what colour, black or brown?


Last Minutes With Oden

[vimeo vimeo.com/8191217]

An excerpt from a documentary on Jason ‘the mayor of downtown Long Beach’ Wood, due out in 2010 from Phos Pictures, this clip captures the last moments in the relationship between Woody and his long-time pal Oden. Rarely can something so moving be captured on film to be shared with others; I think there’s something in this that everyone can relate to, regardless of age or experiences. If you’re a ‘tough guy’ be warned tears are pretty much par for the course with this one… thanks to Prolly for the original post.