Nom De Guerre Spring/Summer 2010 Lookbook

Nom De Guerre have recently released their spring/summer 2010 collection entitled “Combat Continues,” which takes heavy influences from military styling. The lookbook is a great reflection of the theme of the collection, with models engaged in combat training. The pieces in the line look great, with a large usage of camouflage patterns and military styling such as exaggerated epaulets and unique detailing. Nom De Guerre take a look and style that has been done before but make it unique by adding just enough details, all while still making the pieces wearable and functional for day to day use. Keep reading for more shots from the lookbook…


  • donna

    You know what I really like about this set? The versatility. As a female, I could cop the men’s XS and you’d never know it was a men’s line. Maybe, but even so, there’s enough men’s wear coming into women’s fashion that you wouldn’t think twice.

  • eightyfoureightyfive

    I couldn’t agree more, unisex or androgynous styling is so good, my girlfriend wears a few of my pieces almost better than I do…