12ozProphet: 1997 Brazil Graffiti

[vimeo vimeo.com/10368663]

Here is a look at some amazing ‘lost footage’ from the 12ozProphet crew from their monumental trip to Sao Paulo back in 1997. The trip was for an article on Brazilian graffiti for the 6th issue of 12oz Prophet magazine. Sonik and Raven went to Sao Paulo to meet up with the twin graffiti writers OS Gemeos to document the Brazilian graffiti scenes: “The sight of São Paulo and the otherworldly graffiti scene exploding over its gut-wrenching social landscape, the peculiarly Brazilian collision of poverty and wealth, was a complete shock. Meeting Os Gemeos – as well as Nina, Vitche, and Herbert Baglione, gave us friends for life, and the sight of their work was a glimpse into the future of an art movement we thought we knew, but even now, more than a dozen years later, has yet to catch up.” This particular magazine and article was a huge influence on myself at that time when I first started getting into painting in the late 90’s.

*Front cover issue #6


  • Vanessa

    More South American stuff. It will be huge in ten years when North America and Europe’s economies are no longer sustainable