Wants and Needs: Air Jordan VI Infrared

Its not often that we feature sneakers here on the blog, but these puppies have such a distinctive place in my heart and my past. I grew up a sneaker lover from a very young age and it only really seemed to get better (or worse) over the years. With a pretty respectable collection to call my own, the Air Jordan VI Infrared sneaker, more specifically in black would have to be my favorite and most sought after of all time. These have been elusive to me over the years with no real re-release of these particular gems, until now. The Infrared VI is available in a double pack with both the black and white models up for grabs. Now is the time to fill the Infrared void in my shoe collection.


Bleu De Paname Spring/Summer 2010

We have featured French denim label Bleu De Paname here on the old blog before with their fall/winter 2009 collection. Now we take a look at their spring/summer 2010 collection that’s just hit the virtual shelves of Tres Bien. They have received a nice little collection from the line, with some clean looking classics for the warmer months. The chambray trousers are looking great as well as the shirting in light chambrays and dark indigos. Another classic looking offering from the French label.


SOF 001

On a quick note of self promo, here’s the first instalment of the mix series we’re doing for our new weekly party, Soft Wear. Hopefully indicative of the overall vibe we’ll be purveying, I’m really excited for the music, venue, and crowd… grab the mix here, and if you live in Victoria come/get down for the launch party. Also, thanks to Aaron at Bruised Labs for the excellent design work.

Outlier ‘Summer Shorts’

I don’t know about you, but I find shorts to be a bit of a hard one to find the right pair, or even pull off properly for that matter. Outlier has you covered with their ‘Summer Shorts,’ which not only take care of business in the short dept. but also double as a great pair of swim trunks. These beauties are made with their light weight ‘4Season’ fabric, with internal drawstring, belt loops and mesh pockets. So basically put these on, ride to the beach/lake, jump in and swim, jump out have a beer and then ride home, Outlier are just making it too easy…


APC Autumn/Winter 2010 Preview

Thanks to Selectism for this early look at APC‘s fall/winter 2010 offerings, which as expected are some of the most clean and refined in the menswear game. And while as top-to-bottom looks they might be a bit much for the average guy, the individual pieces are amazing, and could blend in with an existing wardrobe with ease. Season after season APC comes correct, which explains their prominence in an over-saturated marketplace… click through for a few more looks.


Trusst Club + Yves Laroche opening party

[vimeo vimeo.com/12432202]

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Trusst Club, in conjunction with the opening of the new Yves Laroche gallery space here in Montreal. Trusst Club is a new venture of my two close friends Andrew Ly and Melissa Matos (along with a few other contributors), providing a physical retail space for new designers and an agency to actively promote them. The above video was shot by Kevin Calero as a visual loop for the premier, and in their words is

‘A medium, a dialogue, a proposition. A visual influence reflecting the cyclical nature of thoughts and other ideas. A collection of shifting aesthetics and form, timeless in nature. A venue for international correspondence; a platform for creative evolution. A community. An inspired showcase, a contemporary tool.’

All in the evening was fantastic; a live performance by Le Matos, plenty of refreshments, and a massive show of support from the Montreal creative community. Keep reading for photos of the space, products, and event, courtesy of J’AdOre.


Seconds by Robert Geller Fall 2010

Robert Geller returns with these autumn offerings from his Seconds collection, a deconstructed range of cottons and sweats. We’re seeing a fair bit of tapered sweatpants styled with leather boots or shoes for fall, and Geller’s take on this look is top knotch. I’m definitely feeling the entire range of this collection, from the pinnie and tees right through to the various pants… keep reading for more.