Mister Freedom NOS American Sportswear Fall/Winter 2011

Here is one half of Mister Freedom‘s offerings for fall/winter 2011, the New Old Stock American Sportswear collection, designed and manufactured in California from MF’s backstock of vintage US-spun selvedge. This run is Mister Freedom’s take on 1950’s California sportswear, with the designs inspired by classic silhouettes and found photos from that era. As the source material for the NOS collection is limited my nature, so are the pieces, with a small production run to be released shortly. Mister Freedom is a label/retailer that we have a lot of respect for; their business ethos is no-compromise (see the Hall of Shame), something we believe is generally lacking in this industry… not to mention the collections are always on-point as well. The second half of the MF fall/winter offering is entitled ‘Les Apaches’ and will be entirely produced in Japan, to come at a later date… for now, click through for more from the NOS American Sportswear line.