Fredrik Packers

Fredrik Packers is a Japanese bag and accessory company, all handmade in Tokyo. Here’s my choice picks from their current offerings; really feeling the quilted backpack in both the burgundy and camo (featured after the jump), and the hip pouch, seen in forrest green above. Simple designs and a cycling orientation, can’t go wrong… keep reading for more.


Uniforms For The Dedicated Brand Video


Really awesome brand identity vid featuring Swedish label Uniforms for the Dedicated, covering topics such as their inspirations, how the line came to be, the intersections of mediums in their ongoing creative process, and the current state of Stockholm. The most notable part for me was when when one of the brand founders was explaining how Sweden’s tangible desire to consume Swedish lines was responsible for their rapid expansion and market gain… if only we had the same sort of attitude in Canada regarding our home-grown lines…


Patagonia: Common Threads Initiative

Last weekend while in Seattle I dropped by the Patagonia store to pick up one of their Down Sweater Full-Zip Hoodies, which I have worn every day since I purchased it. For me buying a piece of clothing, especially an outerwear piece, takes some time and thought as well as deciding if I really need the piece and if I will get good use and wear out of it, which leads me to the subject of this post, the ‘Common Threads Initiative’ program from Patagonia. The ad seen above was run in the New York Times on Black Friday to address the issue of consumerism and to promote the company’s new project, the Common Treads Initiative. The Program has been set up in an effort to promote smart consumerism, and as a consumer and company to have as little environmental impact as possible.

“The most challenging, and important, element of the Common Threads Initiative is this: to lighten our environmental footprint, everyone needs to consume less. Businesses need to make fewer things but of higher quality. Customers need to think twice before they buy.”

“Why? Everything we make takes something from the planet we can’t give back. Each piece of Patagonia clothing, whether or not it’s organic or uses recycled materials, emits several times its weight in greenhouse gases, generates at least another half garment’s worth of scrap, and draws down copious amounts of freshwater now growing scarce everywhere on the planet.”

The Common Threads Initiative promotes you to reduce, repair, reuse, recycle our garments and rethink the way we buy them. The company encourages you to buy as little as possible and wear for as long as possible, repair what can be repaired, reuse what can be donated or shared, recycle by giving back your old garments and finally rethink the way we buy and make our products. This is a really solid move from a company that I have always had respect for and makes me happy to support in ways that I can. So head over to the Patagonia site to find out more about the Common Threads Initiative and take the Pledge…


Pawn Fall/Winter 2011

Another great Japanese motorcycle-influenced streetwear line, I recently discovered Pawn through Uniforme, who also sell 84/85 favorites FUCT and F*ucking Awesome. This run includes three collaborations, a shirt each with Schott and Vans, and a pant with Dickies, nice to additions to a tight collection of pretty straight ahead garage styles. And while a little overbranded a times, all in Pawn looks pretty dope… more after the jump


nabiis Fall/Winter 2011 Video

Taiwanese bike/accessory/clothing brand nabiis shot this video for their f/w 2011 collection, their first of three showcasing this season’s offerings. In their words,

“Each video represents a different spirit… freedom on the road, freedom from the law, and freedom from yourself. These three spirits form nabiis’ trinity. The spirit of “Gett’n Over”

Feeling the style and editing here, and using a classic Boards Of Canada track never hurst either; looking forward to the next two vids.


Altadena Works: Ventura Pack & Knapsack

Altadena Works has released these two new styles of bags for the winter 2011 season. We posted about Altadena a while back but the line slipped off my radar until I saw these bags pop up on Cork Grips. The two new styles featured are the Ventura Pack, a minimal style compact bag, and the Knapsack, which is now the largest bag in the collection meant for weekend and bigger trips. Both bags are made of the most top notch materials, heavyweight Cordura, Horween Leather, YKK zips etc., and they are all made in the U.S.A.



Originally founded as an eyewear-retention (aka sunglasses strap) company in Hurricane, Utah, in 1983, the CHUMS brand of course found admirers in the Japanese market, which established a much larger apparel and accessories label, wilding out on outdoors gear styling in all the right ways. I’ve been following the CHUMS Japan blog for quite some time now, such a beautiful photo journal of trips to the mountains, beach visits, bento boxes, and left-field outfit combinations. Anyway, I though it due time to showcase some of the pieces and accessories from CHUMS JP that I’ve been hyped on; of course, I can’t tell you a lot of details as the site is all in Japanese, but it’s pretty self-explanatory, re-imagined classic USA outdoors wear, with a heavy 70’s-90’s west-coast colorful mountaineering vibe, clean hippy meets dedicated camper. Here’s thirty of my favourite pieces, click through for more, then go for a nice long hike.


Cluct Spring 2012 Collection

Cluct are back with a look at their ‘Authentic Wear’ for the upcoming spring 2012 season. Another roll out of Japanese/Americana looks, from overalls, chinos, striped tees, flannels to henleys, all the ‘new basic wear’ is there. One thing I find interesting with this label and a few other Japanese labels is the fact that they produce 4 collections a year, keeping each collection tight but still well rounded. I would basically mess with this entire collection, keep reading for looks at the pieces themselves…