Triple Aught Design

Stopped by Haven yesterday to kick it with the homie Jeremy, and we got in to the topic of serious technical gear, and the outdoorsmen and/or nerds for whom it’s a dedicated passion… Haven now carries Acronym, and combined with White Mountaineering’s more tech offerings, they’ve attracted a new clientele who are looking for a performance/styling blend, more so than just ‘fashion.’

Enter SF’s Triple Aught Design, makers of fine soft goods and accessories. Liking what I’m seeing, simple functional outerwear and other rad pieces like knives, axes, and carribeeners. I think the fact that this post is even on 84/85 is indicative of where we’re headed: in the four years we’ve been doing this blog(!), a lot has changed for us… I for one no longer work in menswear, and really haven’t been too excited about what’s going on in contemporary men’s fashion, let alone the way it’s presented… I think it’s safe to say both Brendan and I are more concerned with a balance of function and aesthetic these days, and hence the blog will inevitably reflect this direction.

Basically, if you’re looking for another surface-level menswear blog, this probably isn’t it, and we’ll likely continue to move further away from that in to the future. Stuff like TAD will keep getting posted, and combined with the mc/bike/art/music blend we accompany the clothes with, I’m pretty stoked on where this is all headed. Thanks for reading this tirade, and click through for more Triple Aught Design.