aNYthing Spring/Summer 2012 Lookbook

Here’s another look at aNYthing’s s/s 2012 collection, which we previewed back here. Featuring Venus X of GHE20G0TH1K fame, I’m super feeling how this is laid out, with vibes from classic NYC streetwear through to 30 years of west coast rap styles (the top pic above). Just more solidness from real players in the game, more after the jump.


Death Squad MC Current Products

To conclude the 3 most non-sequitur posts possible today, here’s a look at my choice current product offerings from SoCal motorcycle ‘bringers of impending doom’ Death Squad MC. Soft and hard goods for the v-twin enthusiast, with surf and skate influences as well. Really in to the griptape footpegs and the t-bars, and  the quilted jacket and murderclava are pretty good too. All available at their online shop, more after the break.


CREEP by Hiroshi Awai Fall/Winter 2012

Been on the net for a couple days but we’ve been showcasing the designer for a while now, so here’s the forthcoming f/w ’12 collection from CREEP by Hiroshi Awai nonetheless. The Canadian-based Japanese designer treads a fairly safe path with this collection, and while half of the looks are unfortunately ultra trend centric, the stronger styles (e.g. the ones showcased above) are totally wearable and well composed. The line is available through our homies at Four Horsemen, more of the lookbook after the jump.


Trusst by Flavie Halais

Here’s an extremely well executed video featuring two of my good friends, Andrew Ly and Melissa Matos, the founders and directors of Trusst. The black and white treatment here really fits with their aesthetic, and I think the pari do a great job explaining their inspirations, motivation, and direction. A bit of an aside from the type of stuff we normally cover here but a great watch if you’ve any interest in the more conceptual ‘high fashion’ side of this biz.


Ransom ‘Resort’ Collection 2012

So Ransom is back, and what better way to re-enter the market than with this pure fire collection and accompanying lookbook, which is equally on point. Seriously though, we’ve missed Ransom, holding it down for Canadian streetwear in a big way. The entire line is now produced in the USA so no more janky sewing and a more accurate pricepoint, and this collection looks so hype top to bottom. Yeah, it’s camo, plaid, and basics, but it’s done right and it’s from TO, so we’re biased. This lookbook is the clincher, great model choice and look composition. More after the break, and the collection is available online and at you local stocklist now.


Humor Spring/Summer 2012

Humor is a line we’ve been following for a bit, with the Danish label consistently producing interesting collections season after season. In their words, the line is ‘Scandinavian hippy knitwear meets Shibuya-streetstyle meets cyberfashion,’ a bold statement but strong concept. Here’s a quick look at their s/s 2012 collection, a nautical vibe with a few solid knit pieces, click through for a bit more.


Push Connection x Masterpiece Spring/Summer 2012

Japanese label Push Connection have just released their newest collaboration with Masterpiece for their spring/summer 2012 collection. They have done two styles; one backpack in a classic outdoors/mountaineer flap top style, and a waist or over the shoulder bag. Both styles are done in a heavy nylon outer with suede leather trim details. I am a big fan of the colorways and the classic look, and seeing as they are made by Mastermind you know they are top notch quality.