Maiden Noir Fall/Winter 2012

Seattle’s Maiden Noir is a line we’ve paid a great deal of attention to over the years, due to both their pac northwest proximity and the fact they consistently produce wearable, top street collections with both stateside and Japanese manufacturing. This fall/winter ’12 run entitled Rise of the Seventh also includes collabortations with Challenger, Porter, Stussy Deluxe, Skookum and Timberland. Solid styling in this lookbook, click through for more.


Macaframa for Low Bicycles

[vimeo 50246957]

Great short video promoting Low Bicycles out of San Francisco, featuring Massan and some bombing, a reoccurring subject matter here on the blauge. From the Vimeo writeup,

Low Bicycles is a small manufacturer of high quality, handmade aluminum racing frames, right here in San Francisco, CA. Our designs reflect a passion for the sport, the craft, and the culture. Here in San Francisco, we are at ground-zero of one of the most vibrant cycling communities in the world. While most major manufacturers are moving their production overseas, our mission is to honor the craft and our riding community by staying local and responding to its needs. Because we take pride in the quality and precision of our work, each frame is handmade in small batch production runs. design philosophy a tribute to bombing down velodrome banks or city hills, and cranking hard, our frames are built to go fast and handle the rigors of professional and urban cycling. Our geometries remain true to, and are intended for track racing; with aggressive profiles, responsive handling, and overall strength and stiffness, while our overall aesthetic embodies power and simplicity.

Look for this to make all the blog rounds, cause it’s damn good. Gotta love real deal track bikes.


Acronym Fall/Winter 2012

Hyper-tech label Acronym has just released this look at their new fall/winter 2012 collection. I am always blown away but this label, creating works of art out of technical garments. This season is much the same, with really well designed and constructed pieces that will serve a function all while keeping you looking futuristically fresh. Really dig the ladies looks as well, I know my girl is going to want that sleeveless cape joint. Read through for the rest.


Big John Autumn/Winter 2012

Big John jeans have become a real favourite for me over the last few seasons. The  brand has a real history in the workwear game and it comes through in their collections. The autumn/winter 2012 season collection is titled Hunting Game with an overall outdoors vibe going down. Makes me want hit the woods with the boys and shoot some sh*t. Click through to view the rest of the collection.


FTC Fall/Winter 2012 Lookbook

San Francisco skate label FTC brings this lookbook for the fall/winter 2012 season. Always stoked to see what this line is turning out, classic skate/street styles that never get old. Some solid styles and looks seen here with a an overall mix of workwear with some more tech styles with the outwerwear. Click through for a look at the rest of the shoot.


UNDERCOVER x Nike GYAKUSOU F/W 2012 Behind The Scenes


Here is a look at the design process and ideas than inspired Jun Takahashi in his creation of the Gyakusou collection for f/w ’12, shot around the Togakushi shrine in Nagano. Stunning scenery and a great edit, the cedar looks very familiar…


Thule Presents: The Way I Roll


Swedish outdoor carrier company Thule has teamed up with the talented Peter Sutherland to produce these six video edits featuring cyclists from all avenues. As you all know the 84/85 boys are ’bout our bikes: bicycles, motorcycles, it’s what we love. These videos reiterate the importance and place these bikes have not just in our lives but many others throughout the world. Watch these vids, enjoy your weekend and if you can jump on your bike and go for a pedal.