Seabase x Mash CXSS

[vimeo 52467012]

Patrick Seabase (featured previously here) hammers through a gorgeous forest setting in this short edit from Swiss studio DIY, showcasing the new Cinelli MASH  single speed cross. Rain soaked and dense, this looks like it could have been shot yesterday here on the coast: this is the beauty of fall/winter riding, more cosmic space to connect with the bike and nature.


Topo Designs – Fleece Jacket

Since the temperature has droped her on the coast I have been turning to my trusty Patagonia pullover fleece as a warm layering option. With that said here is a look at the newest addition to the Topo Designs product fam, the Fleece Jacket. The jacket is an ode to classic outdoor styles, made of polartec fleece with a single chest pocket,reinforced elbow patches done in a trim fit and they are all made in Colorado. Growing up on the west coast both Kevin and I have seen our fair share of fleece jackets, I never thought the day would come where I would be blauging about them, well it has and I am not afraid to admit it, I want one of these. Read on for more product shots.


Patagonia – Groundswell

[vimeo 36748076]

This coming week marks the debut of Groundswell, a film produced by Patagonia in conjunction with the Raincoast Conservation Foundation. The goal of the documentry is to raise further awareness about resisting the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline project, something your 84/85 boys feel very strongly about. From Jeremy Koreski, who shot throughout the 10 day journey along the coast, 

‘I was amazed by the amount of life we saw there in such a short period of time—from sailing with a pod of orcas to sharing a river full of salmon with a mother grizzly and her two cubs, each day presented something special.’

‘I don’t believe that Canada should risk its coastline, wildlife and ocean for the sake of oil. I’m not going to kid myself by thinking we can live without oil, but we need to start looking at alternatives. On the Great Bear trip, I realized that even though I’ve spent most of my life on the coast, I’ve explored very little of it. I’d like to see so much more with having to worry about a major oil spill ruining this beautiful place.’

If you live on the west coast you can check out the film as follows:

Thursday November 1 – Shelter Restaurant Tofino
Friday November 2 – University of Victoria David Lam Auditorium
Saturday November 3 – Science World Vancouver
Wednesday November 7 – Patagonia Seattle
Thursday November 8 – Patagonia Portland
Saturday November 10 – Mill Valley at Proof Lab
Tuesday November 13 – Patagonia Santa Cruz
Thursday November 15 – Patagonia Ventura Tin Shed Courtyard
Saturday November 17 – Patagonia Cardiff
Saturday Dec 1 – Pender Island, BC


Odyn Vovk Autumn/Winter 2012

Over the last few seasons it has been really rad watching the progression of designer Austin Sherbanenko and his Odyn Vovk label. The last few collections have been more and more day to day wearable, still keeping with the overall dark feeling to it. This lookbook for the autumn/winter 2012 collection is probably my favorite of the season so far, all Norweigan Black Metal.


Seventy Four Fall/Winter 2012

Here are a selection of looks from Seventy Four‘s fall/winter 2012 collection, keeping it real trill as per usual. Koji Shimizu has always done justice to his vision of California streetwear and this season is no exception, tough denim and check print pieces being the focal point. I also really like the new Sally Ann logo flip as well, super tight… more after the jump.


Industry News – Nike Sells Umbro

With the unsettled global economy and its effects on retail markets it is interesting to see that even powerhouses such as Nike are impacted. In recent industry news Nike has sold football company Umbro for $225 million USD. This comes off previous news that Nike was looking to unload two of its more recent acquisitions, Umbro and Cole Haan. I thought that Umbro would be a good move for Nike in the long run, I had a cleat or two from the brand back in the day and they have some serious history in the sport but Cole Haan, even I saw that as a terrible idea. What I am getting at here is the fact that this global economic crisis is affecting even the biggest players, even the untouchable Nike. This is worrisome for smaller brands that are trying to etch out their place in the market, but instead perhaps they have the advantage of being small. All said it will be interesting to see as more and more companies feel the pressures of the global economic contraction, who will survive and who will fall victim, only time will tell. One point of note from all of this is to buy products from brands that you truly love, your money is what makes the difference between your favorite line sinking or floating.