MASH SF – Black on Black Shop Kit

My first-gen shop kit from MASH is probably my fav in the closet, mellow grey/black combo with the sponsor logos and that amazing Capo race cut. This new release black on black 2014 shop kit is all killer, an updated murdered-out version of the OG, perfect for the forthcoming road race season (if you roll lone wolf like that), or just keeping it real on group rides and solo centuries. Hit the shop to cop , you know it’ll sell through fast.

2014 Mash x Cinelli Parallax

Beauty new track offering for 2014 from MASH x Cinelli, premiered at the Red Hook Crit Barcelona taking place this week. From the official MASH release,

‘We are happy to introduce our 2014 offering with Cinelli. The Parallax frame set was developed and field-tested over the past 18 months, with Chas and Walton deciding and tuning the bike’s geos. Like with any MASH project, every detail is fleshed by our group of friends. Garrett designed the graphics and colors of the bike and matching skin-suit, drawing inspiration from charts used to check the sharpness of camera optics.’

Seabase x Mash CXSS

[vimeo 52467012]

Patrick Seabase (featured previously here) hammers through a gorgeous forest setting in this short edit from Swiss studio DIY, showcasing the new Cinelli MASH  single speed cross. Rain soaked and dense, this looks like it could have been shot yesterday here on the coast: this is the beauty of fall/winter riding, more cosmic space to connect with the bike and nature.