Cadence Collection: Decade Kit

Wild that 10 years have passed with the Cadence Collection in existence… from Fast Friday in Seattle to a full-fledged cycling apparel line and kit provider out of SF, the brand truly represents the grassroots cycling lifetyle. Congrats to Dustin Klein for growing his artistic vision, and in celebration they’ve released this 10 year kit for the winter months, another hit produced by Capo in Italy. Both my Cadence kits fit/wash/ride like gold, full recommend to go cop right now while your size is still in stock.

Cadence: PEZ Episode 1

 ‘Cadence is proud to announce the exclusive release of special collaborative project with PEZ.PEZ is a prominent street artist and deeply rooted figure in San Francisco cycling and messenger culture.Honored by the opportunity to work with PEZ, we wanted to share his story with those who may have yet to hear about him. For the next three weeks we will release an episode on PEZ which we hope sheds some light on his influence and involvement in cycling and graffiti cultures’

Outs to Dustin Klein and Cadence for this, paying respect to the origins of the culture some of us are a part of. Looking forward to episodes 2 and 3.


Cadence Fall/Winter 2012/13

Dustin Klein’s Cadence Collection has just release its f/w 2013 drop entitled Numb, a tight run of caps, tech sweats, a jacket and a tee. Not one for cycling caps myself (at all, ever) but I could potentially mess with that polka dot joint under the helmet. Hoodie second from the bottom is also fire, as expected from the SF-based brand. Available online now.


Cadence Fall/Holiday 2012

[vimeo 50914652]

Here’s the new seasonal run from Cadence entitled The Transformation. From designer Dustin Klein, ‘we are ever changing and ever evolving based on locations, environment, and situations. One set of ideals and notions slowly change into others that would not have been preconceived or determined.’ The new Elite kits look amazing and I’m also feeling the Sprinter fleece, click through for more from this collection.


Cadence Summer 2012

New items from SF-based Cadence as part of their Transition Summer collection. The best cycle-oriented line going in my opinion, always feel Dustin Klein’s designs and the cuts are on point for the more slender amongst us (aka cyclists). Cadence’s LA flagship shop opens today, congrats to the brand for making big moves, more summer 2012 pieces after the break.