Finisterre Spring 2014

Do you even blauge, bro? A question we’ve been asking ourselves. And yes, we still do – we’ve just been busy with a couple other things… to be revealed soon enough. In the interim, here’s Finisterre‘s spring 2014 men’s lookbook, @coldwatersurf basics for the warmer swell search – still the best brand I don’t own a piece from, need to rectify that asap.

Ten Speed Hero Spring/Summer 2014 Release

Ten Speed Hero is one of the best cycling brands to emerge from the new road culture, spurned in the mainstream by Rapha, but more in the fringes by lines like MASH, Cedar and TSH. There’s a real art-academia influence to TSH designs and presentation, a cerebral approach to the simplest of pleasures (simple, but on a fresh carbon whip with Campy nawmean). Lots of great stuff in this release, cop now before your favs are gone.