Manastash Spring/Summer 2014 Catalogue

We’ve been covering Manastash for a few years now and have always admired what the Washington State / Japan-focused label has produced – timelessly hippy and outdoors-centric, great colours and fits, with function thought through for real wear. Here’s a look at the Japanese catalogue for s/s 2014, lots of gold, especially on the women’s side of things, and bang-on art direction overall.

On another note, Manastash is now available at Without Walls, the new on-trend outdoors venture from Urban Outfitters. The model is very current and you gotta give it up for their cool hunters for jumping all over this style in the wake/fallout of faux-Americana/’heritage’ everything. A lot of really awesome brands on board which is great for WW and consumers – but I gotta question why (other than the obvious payout) many of these brands were willing to sacrifice their ‘credibility’ and core audience (aka not the Urban Outfitters clientele) to get on board with this corporate trendhop – it is the long play? What happens when the next thing comes along? Or is this aesthetic/’lifestyle’ going to stick with millennials? A lot of questions, but Manastash is one of the labels I wouldn’t have expected to join on, given their brand promise and ethos, which is hard to rectify against the necessary business dealings of a shareholder business like Without Walls.

Desillusion Presents – Cycle Zombies – Trouble In Paradise

Longform short piece on Cycle Zombie’s Scotty Stopnik, a philosophical overview of the family’s take on skate/surf/moto culture. ‘It’s a lifestyle many try to embody but few have such a natural and honest approach to the culture and passion this brotherhood share’ – well put by Desillusion.

Stay Wild Magazine – Kickstarter

Justin Morrison aka Scrappers is a man of many activities; drawing, painting, camping, surfing, moto riding and i am sure the list goes on. Born on Vancouver Island and now based in Portland, Scrappers is all about the adventure life and he wants to share and explore that with you, so much so he is looking to launch a free adventure/lifestyle mag called STAY WILD. To help get things off the ground he has started a Kickstarter page to raise money for the printing costs of the first issue. This looks like it is going to be a super rad publication, one I can fully support and if you feel the same head on over to the Kickstarter and throw down in the name of adventure…

HUF x VTS Collaboration

Here is a look at a great little collaboration that I am rather excited about: HUF x VTS. Coming from a background in graffiti myself I know of the VTS crew very well (mostly westcoast based with a heavy Vancouver presence) and have watched the crew grow over the years to what it is today, a world renowned graffiti crew. The one thing that I respect most about the crew is they don’t mess with the street art, we’re talking raw, illegal graffiti here. It is also no surprise we are fond of HUF and what they do and represent so this was a no brainer for me. Here is a little about the colab via HUF:

“HUF x Very Top Secret collection | Founded in 2003, very top secret (VTS) is a worldwide graffiti crew rooted in — and fundamentally dedicated to — illegal graffiti. Widely known for traveling the world over and leaving their mark wherever they go, VTS thrives off the desire to maintain freedom and self-expression by rejecting social conventions. Born out of a similar street-level upbringing through skateboarding, HUF has come together with vts on a collaboration that encapsulates both parties’ allegiance to upholding shared roots in underground culture. Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of VTS, the limited edition HUF x VTS collaboration features a series of three t-shirts, a pullover hoodie, snapback hat, and socks”.

I also really like how the crew has been busy hitting the streets in preparation of the release, click through for that as well as the rest of the collection.


Brat Style – Go Takamine

Awesome interview with Go Takamine of Brat Style, a shop building some of my favourite bikes in existence. Specializing in air-cooled Japanese singles and American V-Twins, the style is a blend of dirt and chop, punk and traditional, all the good things. Anti-convention and all style, Takamine’s Panhead is a great example of what the shop excels at… great riding footage too!