Matix Denim: Ditch Days

‘Matix Denim now carries a LIFETIME GUARANTEE against manufacturing defects in regards to buttons, rivets, zippers, belt loops or seams. Matix Denim is built for daily use and abuse , from the garage to the streets, out on your next adventure, quality Denim built with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.’

Turkey and Chase Stopnik take Matix Denim thru their daily routine in this edit, looks about right to me.

Cootie Fall/Winter 2014

This is a real winner from the fine folks at Cootie Productions based out Japan. Their fall/winter 2014 collection titled Alive with Please is a great looking collection piece by piece and toped off with some really interesting presentation as well as some solid words within. The gist of it all is “hard work is hard work but it sure does feel good!”

Rats Autumn/Winter 2014

Always stoked to see the latest from Japanese label Rats, this time with their autumn/winter 2014 collection. These guys do the greaser/moto/workwear thing oh so well, but they hit it with a bit more of that luxury look this time around, and I am not mad. Some great looks throughout, sweaters, leathers, wool over coats, deck jacket, denim, it’s all looking solid.


84/85 Fall 2014 ‘Doing Things’

With fall making its presence known through brisk mornings and earlier, gradient-drenched evenings, it seems like the right time to officially post our debut collection for the fall 2014 season. The collection, titled Doing Things, features six pieces all 100% manufactured, designed and printed in Canada. The lookbook was shot on Vancouver Island by Mike Pepperdine and Brendan Bennett, documenting a typical evening on the coast, riding motos, beach fires, beers and wheelies.

We have a limited selection from the fall14 Doing Things collection still available in our online shop as well as select retailers. Click through to view entire the fall14 Doing Things lookbook.

Saturdays Surf NYC Fall/Winter 2014

Saturdays with the game-tight basics and formal looks for f/w 2014. Overall not entirely my jam, maybe it’s a west coast vs east coast thing, a bit too buttoned-up for our daily. That said I 100% appreciate what the line is doing, how it puts it together, and the overall cohesiveness of the brand and its offering. Lots of looks in this presentation, click though for all.