Jeremy Koreski for TwoThirds

Spanish surf label TWOTHIRDS have recently paired up with Vancouver Island native and photographer Jeremy Koreski for a soon to be released series of photo tees. We are all to familiar with Koreski and his immense talent behind the lens, from the surf and fishing photos to the more recent aerial photography it all captures the West coast outdoors perfectly. Below is the rundown from TWOTHIRDS on the project:

We celebrated our newest Sentinel Collab together with Canadian Sentinel Jeremy Koreski. Jeremy lives the true outdoor lifestyle, which is reflected in all of his amazing pictures. It has been a true honor to have him here in Barcelona. The Jeremy Koreski Collab Tees are available soon in our online store.”

Worn Wear® Stories | Presented by Patagonia

It hurts to see the Black Friday nonsense firmly entrenched in the Canadian consumer psyche now, but at least there’s a concerted backlash from both individuals and brands who can’t get down. Patagonia’s Worn Wear Stories returns with these three testimonials, more goodness from the company who told you not to buy their products. Also, any excuse for some Keith Malloy shredding is a good one.

Snow Peak F/W 2014

Snow Peak is making some beautiful apparel these days, and of course they’re shooting it splendidly as well. Everyone loves their ti mugs and sporks but I would definitely be in to one of the made-in-Japan wool pieces, not a hard thing to add to your wardrobe. Their ongoing Dictionary series is a clinic on how a modern lifestyle brand should market itself, peep if you haven’t already.

Old Fashioned Standards – The Custom Jacket Process

Old Fashioned Standards is a company that specializes in high quality products and custom craftsmanship. All of our goods are made from cotton cloth impregnated with a very specific mixture of wax and oil that is historically referred to as oil cloth. The process of applying the unique mixture transforms the basic cotton cloth into a wind and water repelling, high abrasion resistant antique looking cloth. We are dedicated to providing you with high quality goods that will last you a life time! We are dedicated to producing all of our products vegan’

Killer process video by Mike Babz showcasing a jacket design and construction. Really feeling what OFS is doing, especially in the hat game. Much respect to craftspeople and their trade!