Old Fashioned Standards – The Custom Jacket Process

Old Fashioned Standards is a company that specializes in high quality products and custom craftsmanship. All of our goods are made from cotton cloth impregnated with a very specific mixture of wax and oil that is historically referred to as oil cloth. The process of applying the unique mixture transforms the basic cotton cloth into a wind and water repelling, high abrasion resistant antique looking cloth. We are dedicated to providing you with high quality goods that will last you a life time! We are dedicated to producing all of our products vegan’

Killer process video by Mike Babz showcasing a jacket design and construction. Really feeling what OFS is doing, especially in the hat game. Much respect to craftspeople and their trade!

Cool Companies Episode 1: Captain Fin

‘The first episode of Cool Companies explores the inner-workings of Captain Fin. Captain Fin started in a garage is Oceanside, California, by Mitch Abshire, focused on “designing unique surfboard fins that feature performance based templates and art designed by the most talented of surfers and artists.” Now out of the garage and in to an 8,000 square foot warehouse (but still in Oceanside), Captain Fin has expanded in to making wetsuits, clothing, as well as a few awesome collaboration projects including a Captain Fin X Vans Shoe line.’

Funeral Cycling – New Kit Day

The homies Derek and Kyle from Funeral Cycling kept it very 100 with this video to promote the release/preorder of the first-ever FC kit. Repping that deep green rain-soaked PNW feel, the kit is a trill alternative to the glut of poorly designed, overly flashy lycra on the market – can’t wait for this knee to heal so I can go get those coast mountains with the homies. Swoop your new kit here.

The Moving Development Spring/Summer 2014

The Moving Development are back at it with this new collection for the spring/summer 2014 season, titled ‘Made Forever’. The British label is looking stronger than ever with this new release; the line is a bit more expansive and cohesive, with some great pieces and looks throughout. The line is already selling through on the shop so head over before it’s a thing of the past.

Stay Wild Magazine – Kickstarter

Justin Morrison aka Scrappers is a man of many activities; drawing, painting, camping, surfing, moto riding and i am sure the list goes on. Born on Vancouver Island and now based in Portland, Scrappers is all about the adventure life and he wants to share and explore that with you, so much so he is looking to launch a free adventure/lifestyle mag called STAY WILD. To help get things off the ground he has started a Kickstarter page to raise money for the printing costs of the first issue. This looks like it is going to be a super rad publication, one I can fully support and if you feel the same head on over to the Kickstarter and throw down in the name of adventure…

Acid Surfing Issue 2

Acid is a humble and exploratory publication with surfing as an entry point, made to make you marvel and want to get in the water. Issue 2 will treat you with an extensive look at Gotland, the Hawaii of the Baltic Sea; a trip underwater to discover artificial reefs; a tale of survival attempts in tropical and polar waters; an examination of the relationship between surfing and coastal developments and a balsa sculpture of a surfer in a fur coat. And some more’

Love the look of the mag, and always hyped to discover a new print publication! Available to your door via.

Blue Claw – EO Collection Lookbook

New to our radar this fall, Philadelphia’s Blue Claw are doing it right when it comes to a vertically integrated production and marketing model for quality small-run goods. From their FAQs,

‘We are American. Blue Claw’s goal was not only to make the perfect bag, but to bring domestic production back to the USA. Domestic manufacturing not only improves the quality of life for fellow countrymen, but we are able to monitor the quality of our bags much more closely. A rare but true Win-Win.’

Check their site for a breakdown on all materials used in manufacturing the collections, and make sure to peruse the shop and peep the wise range of items and styles… best part? Free shipping in the USA and reasonable rates internationally… click through for more from this lookbook