Stay Wild Magazine – Kickstarter

Justin Morrison aka Scrappers is a man of many activities; drawing, painting, camping, surfing, moto riding and i am sure the list goes on. Born on Vancouver Island and now based in Portland, Scrappers is all about the adventure life and he wants to share and explore that with you, so much so he is looking to launch a free adventure/lifestyle mag called STAY WILD. To help get things off the ground he has started a Kickstarter page to raise money for the printing costs of the first issue. This looks like it is going to be a super rad publication, one I can fully support and if you feel the same head on over to the Kickstarter and throw down in the name of adventure…

Road To Nowhere

Desillusion Magazine proudly presents Road to Nowhere, a behind the scenes movie by Tomas Hein about his latest road trip deep into north Britain as seen in Desillusion Magazine 44.

“What happened to the dream of surfing in remote breaks? The answer is simple: it was always there and all I needed was determination”

Beautifully shot and edited with a great soundtrack, more stellar video content from Desillusion.

Deep Six

‘Setting out on this journey, we left the dock with a rough idea of what to expect; fishing, exploring by boat, bush-whacking with bikes while burdened with camera packs, camping, and possibly a bear or two. After a week at sea we learned the hardships and enjoyment of balancing a lifestyle of sustenance, exploration and documenting the journey.’

Large shouts to the homie Derek Dix for imagining then making this trip happen. The fully narrated story with photo essay premiered over on Pinkbike so make sure to check that out as well. This province never ceases to amaze, and it always gets me stoked to see good people documenting their explorations to share with others, fuelling the fire.

Sitka: The Fortune Wild

‘In The Fortune Wild, a new Sitka Films production directed by Ben Gulliver with support from Pacific Wild, a small group of surfers set out to seek their own kind of riches on some of the most remote beaches of the Canadian coast.

Starring Peter Devries and Reid and Arran Jackson, The Fortune Wild follows an expedition to the far-flung shores of Haida Gwaii, a chain of waveswept, lushly forested islands off the British Columbia mainland. Surfing, camping and foraging for food on the area’s unspoiled beaches, the three surfers step away from the modern world and into a quieter, more attuned and more self-sufficient existence.

As the days pass, their trip becomes more than a picaresque adventure to paddle out into rarely surfed waves—after being granted permission by Haida elders to visit a hidden area of the Haida homeland, the small crew pitches camp to explore and experience a place where people have lived in partnership with nature for thousands of years.’

The Fortune Wild is about the peace and promise of wild places, but it’s also about learning to see the natural world in a more profound and reverent way. Featuring interviews with Severn Cullis-Suzuki, Haida leader and activist Guujaaw and Haida artists Christian White and Gwaliga Hart, it’s a glimpse into a system where tradition and respect for the land are values that can’t be bought or sold. At a time when economic development and resource extraction and transportation are critical issues for the province and the country, The Fortune Wild is a journey into the heart of what matters most.’

Granted we’re biased towards this film: we’re passionate about the coast, and Brendan works with Sitka… that aside, this film looks to be amazing, as Haida Gwaii is truly one of the most magical places on earth.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear

Hyperlite is exactly the kind of company we can get behind and get really stoked on. Conceived in NYC and now based in Maine, Hyperlight designs and manufactures all their products in the USA, sponsoring a team of ambassadors who push the gear to new heights (often literally). Utilizing Cuben Fibre as their main production material, the line has pushed lightweight packing to new levels… but why ultralight?

‘Over the past 15-20 years, significant changes have occurred in the philosophies and approaches to outdoor adventuring.  Pioneers have questioned tradition and tested boundaries with resulting improvements in every aspect of their sport.  And today the evolution continues as outdoor enthusiasts push themselves to new limits, both in the field and in the design room, developing and discovering new methodologies, new technologies, and new and improved products.’

Having done my share of minimalist camping myself both on the moto and off, the benefits of ultralight are obvious: carry less of a load and have a better time, straightforward math. It also helps that Hyperlite goods are stylish as well: I could see one of the tents and/or a backpack in my near future (as the pricing is very reasonable, all things considered). Kudos to a domestic brand doing all the right things in a highly-competitive marketplace.

Aether Chasing Winter

‘The idea behind Aether Chasing Winter was to combine two passions: motorcycles and skiing. To get the best of both worlds, we planned a trip through the Rockies in early April, hitting the first of the open roads and the last of the spring skiing. We carried all the gear we needed on the bikes, including poles, boots, and skis. It wasn’t exactly the most practical way to travel, but it definitely was the most exhilarating.’

Nailed the concept and execution, and looked like a lot of fun as well. Aether keep pushing it forward whether it be with their product offerings or use of online media to tell their story.


Salomon – Designed For Freedom

Teetering on the edge of overblow, Solomon manages to keep this video on the inspiring and beautifully shot end of the spectrum, a treatise of why we seek the outdoors and the serenity of being embedded in nature. I’m no trail runner or nordic skier but I can appreciate the sentiment, I usually can’t turn off the mail client and browser quick enough at the end of the day and trade them for the soundtrack of a freewheel through country roads. Nice work from a brand who is wisely following the lead of other content creators in their marketplace.