Grant Taylor – GT Blazer Low Full Video

I won’t stick my nose in to the ongoing Nike-vs-the-small-guy debate in skateboarding, but I do know that a) Grant Taylor rips and b) I’ve always loved Blazers. Oh and I like creative edits featuring Chopin, although I think a bit less slow-mo would have made clip even better. Best pair of SBs yet? Might have to cop to really know.

Snow Peak F/W 2014

Snow Peak is making some beautiful apparel these days, and of course they’re shooting it splendidly as well. Everyone loves their ti mugs and sporks but I would definitely be in to one of the made-in-Japan wool pieces, not a hard thing to add to your wardrobe. Their ongoing Dictionary series is a clinic on how a modern lifestyle brand should market itself, peep if you haven’t already.

Ravenik Spring/Summer 2014

Following up one of my favourite collections from f/w 2013, Ravenik here showcases their new product, a continuation of the strong, stripped back palettes and silhouettes seen previously. And while s/s collections are never really our thing there’s still some good looks throughout, and special points for carrying forward with the lowcut Chelsea boot with the Vibram sole.

Inpaichthys kerri Spring/Summer 2014

We’ve been following the bros at Inpaichthys kerri for seasons now, and while the prep side doesn’t land you can’t deny the surf/skate/sportswear influence and how good it’s interpreted. Styling can be over the top but the aesthetic is unique and on it’s own wavelength… the mark of a killer brand/collection. click on through for more mega res from this lookbook (shouts 2 Yann for the tip).

Gosha Rubchinskiy x Vans Old Skool

Hot damn collab from Gosha Rubchinskiy and Vans, tackling one of our favourite models with the Old Skool. The black leather kicks feature a gumsole with reflective laces and details (although I’d swap ’em for white right away). Produced by Comme des Garçon, you know these ain’t cheap, but would definitely fall in to the ‘money well spent’ category.