Rough and Rugged Autumn/Winter 2014

Here is a look at the latest from Japanese label Rough and Rugged and their collection for the autumn/winter 2014 season. I gotta say first off its so nice to be seeing all these colder weather collections, I can only handle so many short sleeve button ups and shorts looks for so long. This collection for AW14 is chock-full of great looks and pieces; outerwear, sweaters, denims and some choice headwear. One stand out for me throughout the collection is the fits – a good mix of fitted and more relaxed cuts.


A triumph of filmmaking by Deus, head over to their site and donate an email address now to watch the full-length I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night, teased and previewed all year by the multi-continent brand. A stunning tour through Bali via longboard, skate, moto and deep stand-up barrels, props to Deus for this vision and production and to Harrison Roach and Bryce Young for the timeless shred.

Kooks 3 – Trailer

Forthcoming from Marcus Paladino and his Tuff City cohorts, here’s the trailer for Kooks 3, the final instalment in his trilogy of surf films for the rest of us. And while there’s been a healthy dose of regular-folk surfing in the previous editions, there’s also some top-quality ripping by Pete Devries, Noah Cohen and the Raddysh bros. Stoked for the full film, coming soon.

Softmachine Autumn/Winter 2014

Kosuke Yamagishi’s Softmachine is back with this their fall/winter 2014 collection, more of the Japan/Cali tattoo culture indebted apparel we’ve come to appreciate season after season. And while inked up lookbooks are par for the course these days on the blauges, you can tell Softmachine ain’t faking (like basically everyone else) – that, and the pieces are dope. Click through for much more.