Dirt Quake: Coming To America

Road trip at the end of May to Washington State! Two of our favourites in Sideburn Mag and See See are bringing the Dirt Quake event to America from the UK – flat track racing for all kinds of bikes that wouldn’t normally be sanctioned to shred the dirt (and for real pro flat tracking as well). Heck this video even has a Canadian connection soundtracked by The Vicious Cycles (the best). See yall in Castle Rock.

The Cut-Rate Spring/Summer 2014

House favourite The Cut-Rate has released this brand new lookbook for the spring/summer 2014 season. Originally Baltimore based the brand has transplanted itself to LA and it looks like a great move judging by whats seen here. Great shots of riding; supermoto’s and Harley’s, never a bad combo, oh and the clothing is looking on point as well but this really just makes me want to hop on the DR and head south…

Stay Wild Magazine – Kickstarter

Justin Morrison aka Scrappers is a man of many activities; drawing, painting, camping, surfing, moto riding and i am sure the list goes on. Born on Vancouver Island and now based in Portland, Scrappers is all about the adventure life and he wants to share and explore that with you, so much so he is looking to launch a free adventure/lifestyle mag called STAY WILD. To help get things off the ground he has started a Kickstarter page to raise money for the printing costs of the first issue. This looks like it is going to be a super rad publication, one I can fully support and if you feel the same head on over to the Kickstarter and throw down in the name of adventure…

Lucky Riders

Featured by The Selvedge Yard a couple days ago, the recent onslaught of late winter snow and generally awful weather here in the PNW has warranted a repost. Old American Iron, backroads bars and friends, everything about this say summer, which can’t come a moment too soon. Great work by Imogene and Willie putting this together.


The One Moto Show is coming up quickfast for the PNW, but the midwest, mired in a deep freeze, has got something going on too… on Feb 22nd the best builders from the area showcase a wide range of bikes in Milwaukee, and judging from the vid there’s gonna be nothing but gold. Also, it must be pointed out much of a ruler Jeff Wright is, FTWCO all day.

ICON 1000 Iron Lung

‘She was an accident waiting to happen. 600 pounds of American coke fired iron, riding on weather-checked English rubber. Cracking femurs or rupturing internal organs were her specialties, and she had done so on more than one occasion. The Iron Lung, a 1991 Harley Sportster road-racer, was a vision of what never was, in response to a question that was never asked.’

Awesome video and edit from Icon, killer narration, and one mental Sporty… what I’d give to lap that beast around the track a few times… or take it to the street.