Stay Wild Magazine – Kickstarter

Justin Morrison aka Scrappers is a man of many activities; drawing, painting, camping, surfing, moto riding and i am sure the list goes on. Born on Vancouver Island and now based in Portland, Scrappers is all about the adventure life and he wants to share and explore that with you, so much so he is looking to launch a free adventure/lifestyle mag called STAY WILD. To help get things off the ground he has started a Kickstarter page to raise money for the printing costs of the first issue. This looks like it is going to be a super rad publication, one I can fully support and if you feel the same head on over to the Kickstarter and throw down in the name of adventure…

Needles Spring/Summer 2014

Wow / damn / wow. Keizo Shimizu’s Needles (and sub labels) comes through with these amazing visuals for the s/s 2014 season. Styled impeccably, shot incredibly, etc etc – we expect a lot from the line which has impressed always in the past, but this lookbook may take the all-time cake… make sure to keep reading for the entire series.

Happy New Year

Another year full of memories and successes to build upon: we’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who checks in on this site, to browse the catalog of our tastes and gauge our viewpoints – from the site redesign to the related items we’ve put in motion, 2013 was a great year for us from our home base on Vancouver Island, and we’ve got plenty more in store for 2014… so stay tuned! For now, off to some cabins in the woods, cold surf and no cell service.

All the best to you and yours, and we’ll see you soon – Kevin and Brendan, 84/85

Woolpower Presents: California

Swedish base layer specialists Woolpower have recently put together this photo series featuring Cold Splinters’ Jeff Thrope on an adventure through California’s Big Sur region. The photos are shot by Mikael Kennedy and have a great Autumn feel to them. About the products and Woolpower themselves;

“Ullfrotté Original is the material developed by Woolpower AB in Östersund in the early 1970’s in collaboration with the Swedish military, scientists, doctors and survival experts. The textile is highly wear resistant and consists of fine Merino wool, polyamide/polyester and air.

The material is knit so that one side is smooth, and the other has terry loops. The lofty terry loops, in combination with the crimp in the wool fibers, creates a knitwear capable of trapping a lot of air. Up to 80% of the material actually consists of air, which means that the material has an excellent capacity to trap body heat. The more air you can keep still around the body, the more heat you can retain.”

Great shoot and a super solid product, if you are interested in getting yourself some Woolpower products head on over to Westerlind and they will sort you out.

Raised by Wolves Fall/Winter 2013

Outs to MTL’s Raised By Wolves for this f/w 2013 lookbook, shot by the gram superstar trashhand and being acclaimed across the blogscene as one of the best of the season (and I concur). Hitting many notable landmarks in the city (many of which will only be recognizable to locals) the style of the shoot syncs perfectly with the brand’s feel… MTL is beautiful urban decay that I don’t know if I’ve ever seen it shot better (alongside pristine classic and modern architecture as well). More of the extensive LB after the jump.

Rapha Fall/Winter 2013 Training & Racing Lookbook

Following on the heels of the City Riding lookbook, this racing/training collection from Rapha should just be called ‘take my money already.’ Still the choice kit for dentists and lawyers (along with Assos perhaps), there’s no denying how rad the collection is, even if it is out budgetary reach for most, myself included. Understated and the highest tech, Rapha nailed the market opening when everything else was over coloured and logo’d. This lookbook was shot in Norway and is mind-blowingly beautiful… just as you’d expect from a brand that never skimps on presentation.

Woolrich x West America – Capsule Collection

Here is a look at a very exciting collaborative venture between two good ol’ American brands, Woolrich and West America. I am sure the most of you (if not all) are aware of Woolrich, but maybe not so much West America: the brand is made up of two respected builders in their own right, James Crowe (Crow Metal Co.) and Jordan Hufnagel (Hufnagel Cycles).

The two brands joined forces to produce this 4-piece capsule collection designed specifically for motorcycle riding, and even more specifically for a 12 month ride to Patagonia that both James and Jordan are just embarking upon. The collection itself consists of a great product mix; a waxed cotton motorcycle jacket (both brown and black), waxed cotton and wool vest, poncho/blanket roll up with a waxed outer, and finally a 6-panel hat made of deadstock camo wool made in the early 90′s. All the items in the collection are made in the USA and are limited to 100 units of each, making for a rather limited edition offering. The collection will be made available on the Woolrich website, the West America online shop as well as select stores starting the beginning of next month (Nov.1). Make sure to also follow both Jordan and James on their adventure to Patagonia on Woolrich’s IG (@woolrichinc) and on their website, All I can say is I am both jealous and outright stoked for these guys, rubber side down boys!