Funeral Cycling: The Shroud of Darkness

Funeral Cycling and Endo Customs are back producing another kit. Minimal, dark, and impossibly luxurious. Designed for those who ascend into cold cliffs through dark forests spreading the sacrificial leg rituals. Pre-order closes 01.02.15, more info at

Shouts to the funeral homies for another good lookin kit and killer video, them dark PNW mystic vibes we know and love.

Grant Taylor – GT Blazer Low Full Video

I won’t stick my nose in to the ongoing Nike-vs-the-small-guy debate in skateboarding, but I do know that a) Grant Taylor rips and b) I’ve always loved Blazers. Oh and I like creative edits featuring Chopin, although I think a bit less slow-mo would have made clip even better. Best pair of SBs yet? Might have to cop to really know.

Worn Wear® Stories | Presented by Patagonia

It hurts to see the Black Friday nonsense firmly entrenched in the Canadian consumer psyche now, but at least there’s a concerted backlash from both individuals and brands who can’t get down. Patagonia’s Worn Wear Stories returns with these three testimonials, more goodness from the company who told you not to buy their products. Also, any excuse for some Keith Malloy shredding is a good one.

Antihero Skateboards: Destination Unknown

What I wanted to post from the skateboarding realm is this new clip from Eli Reed shredding in Tokyo, styles for miles but VHS Mag isn’t being friendly with the embed… then Anti-Hero dropped Destination Unknown out of nowhere featuring gnargly parts from Grant Taylor, Tony Trujillo, Frank Gerwer and a host of others, set to an unfuckitable soundtrack. This is pretty much everything I get stoked on in skating and the phantom pain in my knees while watching is ever-present.

The Evolution of an Artist: Thom Jones

Both Kevin and I have been waiting on this one to drop in its entirety, The Evolution of an Artist: Thom Jones. Seattle based furniture designer builder, metalworker and motorcycle builder Thom is a bit of a jack of trades. I first became aware of him through the Harley/chopper world and soon after saw his amazing furniture he builds under the name Semigood. This is a great little behind the scenes look at the evolution of an artist; from writing graffiti to building furniture to building choppers it is all a natural progression for an artist like Thom Jones.