Salsa Cycles – Why Bikepack

Salsa Cycles Why Bikepack short film shares the story of a fall bikepacking trip and the motivations of one of the riders. Shot on the beautiful Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Trails in northern Wisconsin in Fall 2013′

So on point! Planning my first bikepack mission for the spring, can’t wait (and can’t believe its taken me so long to tackle this aspect of cycling).


Location: Remote Beach on North Vancouver Island
Volunteers: 18
Days: 4
Overall Weight Removed: 3080 Lbs

‘Marine debris is a chronic problem around the world that needs to be addressed immediately. Combing the Coast is a grassroots program unique to the Vancouver Island Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation and is focused at monitoring and removing marine debris from Vancouver Island shorelines. By organizing volunteer missions such as this one, we are able to collect, analyze and then publicly illustrate the dire situation our oceans are currently facing. The solution is not in cleaning up after ourselves, but in motivating changes (both locally and globally) that stop the problem at it’s source. By removing this debris and creating this film, we hope to motivate you to help us create that change together. Please share this video with your family and friends and start a conversation about how we can make a change in our world’

Big, big props to Surfrider VI for this beach clean – we’ve been to this spot and many other remote locations on coastal Vancouver Island, and marine debris is a massive issue, from commercial fishing through single-use water bottles (the biggest evil of them all). These pristine stretches of coastline are all we have left, and hold so much meaning to people from all types of backgrounds, codes and creeds. Thankfully Surfrider is doing their part and much more, and hopefully documentation like this inspires people to do the same.

Matix Denim: Ditch Days

‘Matix Denim now carries a LIFETIME GUARANTEE against manufacturing defects in regards to buttons, rivets, zippers, belt loops or seams. Matix Denim is built for daily use and abuse , from the garage to the streets, out on your next adventure, quality Denim built with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.’

Turkey and Chase Stopnik take Matix Denim thru their daily routine in this edit, looks about right to me.