Blue Claw – EO Collection Lookbook

New to our radar this fall, Philadelphia’s Blue Claw are doing it right when it comes to a vertically integrated production and marketing model for quality small-run goods. From their FAQs,

‘We are American. Blue Claw’s goal was not only to make the perfect bag, but to bring domestic production back to the USA. Domestic manufacturing not only improves the quality of life for fellow countrymen, but we are able to monitor the quality of our bags much more closely. A rare but true Win-Win.’

Check their site for a breakdown on all materials used in manufacturing the collections, and make sure to peruse the shop and peep the wise range of items and styles… best part? Free shipping in the USA and reasonable rates internationally… click through for more from this lookbook


mater-piece Spring/Summer 2013 Lookbook

Japanese bag and accessories company master-piece brings this look at their spring/summer 2013 collection. With their bags all being made in Osaka with high quality craftsmanship and unique materials and fabrics the brand really nails it in the bag dept.  Another thing I always like about the brand is their presentation, with high quality lookbooks that give a certain mood that really works with the collections themselves. This time around they went all SoCal on us with this surf inspired lookbook, which really ties in with the custom hand-made surfboard range they worked on with Japanese board shapers T-Men.


ILE Bags

Inside Line Equipment is a cycling-focused bag and accessory line all handmade in the SF bay area. From their about,

‘Our bags were created from the saddle of a bicycle.  On the way to the local crit or cross race, or riding home with bags of groceries.  They are designed with strength and simplicity in mind, and the style and elegance found in cycling itself.’

Loving the style and function of the entire collection, you can tell these guys put a lot of thought in to the designs, all from a cyclist’s perspective.  I see a seat bag in my near future for sure… keep reading for more and shop online.

XLARGE × Mountainsmith

XLARGE Japan have teamed up with Colorado’s Mountainsmith for this run of 5 packs, a good look for both companies. Mountainsmith are OG’s in the domestic manufacturing game, with a wide range of outdoors products built to top standards. XLARGE do the styling right on this run, and I’m especially messing with the backpack and hip bag.


Push Connection x Master-Piece Bags

Nice little collaboration between Japanese labels Push Connection and Master-Piece on a backpack and a smaller shoulder bag. Really feeling both designs, normally I wouldn’t got for something like the ‘push’ script splashed across the whole thing, but it definitely works here. Push Connection is a label I just found out about, one to keep an eye on… detail shots after the jump.


Fredrik Packers

Fredrik Packers is a Japanese bag and accessory company, all handmade in Tokyo. Here’s my choice picks from their current offerings; really feeling the quilted backpack in both the burgundy and camo (featured after the jump), and the hip pouch, seen in forrest green above. Simple designs and a cycling orientation, can’t go wrong… keep reading for more.


master-piece Fall/Winter 2011 Lookbook

One of Japan’s premier bag manufacturers, master-piece is back with this lookbook for f/w 2011, showcasing their wide range of styles in a well conceived and executed presentation. Known for balancing functionality with design and styling, MP always comes with a solid run of options, especially in the backpack, messenger, and tech accessory departments. Love the photography here, whoever laid this shoot out killed it… more after the jump.