Deth Killers of Bushwick

[vimeo 27339170]

Deth Killers are based in Bushwick, BK, and in their words ‘from the bikes we ride and the clothes we wear, we represent the future of what it means to be a biker, in the past, on future bikes.’ Dudes have been killing it for a long time with their line of tees, denim and leather, and their site it packed full of stories and images from their DK’s decade-plus existence, so do some digging. Current offerings from the MC/label featured in this post, click through for more.


Dead Riders: Montreal to Brooklyn

[vimeo 39512337]

This got me stoked when I was doing my bookmark rounds this morning… Meka from Idlehands / Dead Riders shot this GoPro vid of their 2011 run from MTL to NYC for the Brooklyn Invitational. The vid also features some of my favourite people in the world, Syl, Jesse, Yoan and Denis. Riding with your friends, there’s nothing better… just had a great weekend of that ourselves.


The Hill-side A/W 2010 Lookbook

Hand-made in Connecticut and Brooklyn, The Hill-side has been producing some of our favourite neckwear over the past few seasons. They just released this lookbook for their a/w 2010 collection, shot in a candid photobooth style, which comes off pretty natural while giving a good look at the pieces. The line utilizes a subtle colour palatte and a variety of materials, including wool, chambray, flannel, and waxed canvas, which is never a bad thing in my books… more after the jump.


The Hill-Side Spring/Summer 2010

Brooklyn/Connecticut designed and manufactured label The Hill-Side has been a favorite of the 84/85 team for a while now, both for their solidly classic aesthetic and made-in-America values. Featuring a wide range of ties, handkerchiefs, scarfs and bandanas, their spring/summer 2010 collection continues to be something any man could use in their wardrobe, and the above picture might as well be me: simple oxford with a knit tie tucked in between buttons 3 and 4. This lookbook does an excellent job of showcasing the pieces as they’re meant to be worn, and proves the point that accessories still have a place in summertime outfits… keep reading for more shots from the collection (thanks to Selectism for the images).


DJ/rupture + Matt Shadetek Album Sampler


Founders of the highly influential Dutty Artz collective based out of Brooklyn,  DJ/rupture and Matt Shadetek have a new collaborative album out entitled ‘Solar Life Raft.’ I’ve been listening to the LP on high rotation lately, enjoying the future dubstep/grime/ragga perspective of the two forward-thinking producers who are making+promoting some of the best music in the genre(s) currently coming out of North America. This video album sampler, animated and directed by Sara Taigher, contains clips of some of the album’s best tracks, and provides stunning accompanying visuals. The Dutty Artz aesthetic is as credible and authentic as you’ll find in the blogosphere, and it’s been great to watch their consistency and progression over the last few years. Highly recommended to pick up the album via Beatport.


New Works: Boogie

One of my favourite photographers as of late is the Brooklyn based photographer Boogie. Originally from Serbia, Boogie got his start in photography by documenting the civil war that broke out in his home country in the 1990’s, later moving to Brooklyn in 98 to focus on his photography career. His style is very subjective, generally very dark, documenting everything from everyday city life, to gangs , skinheads and drug users. His subject material is usually very raw and in your face, with his more recent work being much softer and more abstract. He has also been getting into shooting commercial work, working with clients such as Nike, Lee jeans and Undercover, which is also nice to see. Keep reading for a look at some of my favourite shots from his new works from over the summer, including a trip back to his homeland of Serbia.