Mix Roundup

With so much good new music coming out all the time it’s hard to keep up, even if you’re fully in tune the with the right blogs and websites. An interesting and often frustrating part of contemporary electronic music culture is that in the age of singles and EPs so many amazing tracks either lack a proper release, or are exclusives to top DJs and producers for months before they are available to the general public. I find the best way to keep in touch with the direction and sound of my favourite artists is to jam out all the latest mixes; this is where new material is premiered, and where I can gauge my own style against that of the DJs/producers I respect the most, to make sure I’m always keeping it fresh and interesting. Here are my top five mixes at the moment, from UK-based Jackmaster, Ramadanman, Greena (pictured above), Deadboy, and Germany’s Motor City Drum Ensemble.

FACT mix 112: Deadboy

Ramadanman: Ruffage Wire Podcast

Jackmaster Exclusive Numbers Mix For Dazed

XLR8R Podcast 120: Greena

XLR8R Podcast 119: Motor City Drum Ensemble