Ben Davis Projectline Fall/Winter 2014

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen anything from the Ben Davis Projectline, SF workwear originals reinterpreted in Japan. Style game crazy here, all on point but impact lost via the model choice – toughen this lookbook up a bit and you’ve got a winner. Click though and take a good look at all the pieces, the full strength of Japanese revisioning on display.

NuGgETS fall/winter 2014

NuGgETS is a new line to me, but this f/w 2014 collection is game tight with the palette, staple fall looks with a unique touch. Some of the pieces are a bit fashun and seem like add-ons to an otherwise fairly linear line, but that’s probably the point, shake it up a bit. Really thought through and cohesive, looking forward to following this label for seasons to come.

Son of the Cheese Fall/Winter 2014

Son of the Cheese may just be our favourite left-field Japanese collection these days (only because we’re still waiting on some newness from Labrat) – coming strong for f/w 2014 this lookbook is a more understated direction from the label than we’ve seen in season’s past, but I’m feeling it all the same – click on through for the whole set.

Manastash Spring/Summer 2014 Catalogue

We’ve been covering Manastash for a few years now and have always admired what the Washington State / Japan-focused label has produced – timelessly hippy and outdoors-centric, great colours and fits, with function thought through for real wear. Here’s a look at the Japanese catalogue for s/s 2014, lots of gold, especially on the women’s side of things, and bang-on art direction overall.

On another note, Manastash is now available at Without Walls, the new on-trend outdoors venture from Urban Outfitters. The model is very current and you gotta give it up for their cool hunters for jumping all over this style in the wake/fallout of faux-Americana/’heritage’ everything. A lot of really awesome brands on board which is great for WW and consumers – but I gotta question why (other than the obvious payout) many of these brands were willing to sacrifice their ‘credibility’ and core audience (aka not the Urban Outfitters clientele) to get on board with this corporate trendhop – it is the long play? What happens when the next thing comes along? Or is this aesthetic/’lifestyle’ going to stick with millennials? A lot of questions, but Manastash is one of the labels I wouldn’t have expected to join on, given their brand promise and ethos, which is hard to rectify against the necessary business dealings of a shareholder business like Without Walls.