Keith Haring Subway Advertisements

There seems to be a¬†recurring¬†theme on the blog as of late, the defacing and or altering of public advertisements, with the Kaws bus stop ads as well as the New York Street Advertising Takeover. So I wanted to post these great and early works done by the iconic Keith Haring. Haring is one of the most famous painters of our time, with his characteristic style of painting as well as his own personal. He was probably one of the first artists to utilize the commercial advertising space in a public place, specifically those in the underground subway tunnels of New York to create his own works. He would place large pieces of black paper over existing ads in the NY subway tunnels and stations, then draw his own work in chalk right there on the spot. The idea was so smart and simple, he would reach a large number of commuters on a daily basis, creating huge exposure for his work. Keith Haring went on to become a world famous artist but it was these works that started his legendary career. Keep reading for the entire collection of Haring in the subways….