100% Presents: The Barstow

‘Freedom was a key word in the early ages of American Motocross and, when the motorcycling scene really took off in the 1970’s, so did an era of moto style that’s just as popular now as it was back in the day.

But as much as we want to re-capture the essence of what off-road racing was in its early years, we care about our safety. Let’s face it: vintage riding gear was basic, uncomfortable and, overall… not very safe. Goggles? Same. Their fit was mostly a joke. They sucked air, they sucked dust. They sucked… period.

Because our heart is close to the vintage movement and because, as a goggle company, we care about your vision and style – at 100%, we felt something had to be done about both: enter The Barstow.’

Love this video from 100%, 2 stroke blappin across the desert… looks like rad times to me (and the goggles are pretty damn good too)!



The Rapha Continental: Greg LeMond

[vimeo 52880703]

Rapha turns in another amazing iteration of their Continental series, this time riding with Greg LeMond around his hometown of Carson City, Nevada. With the events of the past few months in professional cycling front and centre in every fan’s collective consciousness, it is now safe to say that LeMond is the greatest American to put foot to pedal: if you need a reminder of why, please watch the 1989 TdF final stage time trial below, a only a part of LeMond’s heart, tenacity and legend.