Nudie Jeans Spring/Summer 2013

Swedish denim label Nudie Jeans has released this lookbook for their spring/summer 2013 range. Both Kevin and myself have put in our time with Nudies, we have both worn a few down to the threads and they just look better and better. I am glad that they have decided to start putting full seasonal lookbooks forward as it really wasn’t something they did too much in the past. This lookbook has that slim cut rocker styling going down, with some solid denim options as well as shirting and some nice outerwear.


Brand Respect: Nudie Jeans

It seems strange that we wouldn’t have profiled Nudie here before… but maybe there’s a reason. Nudie is a line that has blown up massive over the last few years, with the contrast pocket wave stitching reaching near ubiquitous levels of visibility in your average 20-something gathering. The line has such a wide range of denim cuts, producing a fit for basically everyone. The thing that makes Nudie different from other lines is the fact they don’t change their collection very much from season to season (the denim barely at all), and that they never produce lookbooks, ad campaigns, or basically any other form of promotional material. Hence, no pretty images, hence, little blog love. But four years after buying my first pair, I’m still a die-hard Nudie fanatic. The Thin Finn cut is the best fitting jean I’ve ever worn, period, and you can’t argue with Japanese denim sewn in Italy. At current I have 5 pairs going in my rotation, with one being my beat-to-hell cycling jean that refuses to die. Another thing I love about the line is their work with Amnesty International, who they’ve supported for years through the ‘Human Rights Collection.’ Offering a huge selection of tops, denim, and accessories, Nudie is a brand that is doing it proper, and will be a major player in the market for years to come… and if you’ve yet to try on their jeans, do yourself a favour and find your local stocklist.