Poler Stuff: Adventure #005

Poler have been making some big waves in the market over the last little while. They have their formula down, unique quality products and a solid team to back them. They also have some great ideas for their website, with one of them being the Adventure series, which features Poler goods doing what they do best, getting out there. Here is a look at the Poler Adventure #005 entitledĀ Cypress Bowl Cabin Hideaway, shot by my friend Alana Paterson and styled by Mila Franovic. A few of my favorite shots featured above and checkĀ here to see the rest of the shoot.


Poler Stuff Fall 2011 Collection

After Kevin’s mini-rant yesterday I will keep things moving in the functionality department with Poler Stuff and their full fall 2011 collection. We have been following the line closely over the past few months and are super stoked on what has been brewing over at the Poler camp. They have been slowly turning out the product since their introduction to the market and now they have released their full fall ’11 collection in entirety, from the two-man tents to the hooded sleeping bags, bags, hand warmers to hoodies, tee’s and hats, its all there and it’s all good. Head over to Poler to grab yourself some great gear, keep reading for looks at all the unique products…


Poler Camping Stuff: Rucksack & Duffaluffagus Bags

Poler Camping Stuff are pretty much the ideal line for the 8485 boys, we love the outdoors/camping/motorbikes/roadtrips/etc, and Poler Stuff make the goods to make all these things happen. We featured Poler Stuff a little while ago, introducing the line and their small range of outdoors products, and now they are starting to add to their product line. The newest additions to the Poler range are these two styles of bags, the Rucksack and the Dufflaluffagus bags. The Rucksack is done in a classic rucksack silhouette in the ‘furry camo’ print, and the Duffaluffagus bag features hidden shoulder straps, wide mouth zippers and Velcro straps on the bottom to hold a skateboard. Not only are the bags themselves good but you gotta love Polers’ photography/product shots.


Poler Camping Stuff

Poler Camping Stuff has crossed my radar a few times lately, first here and then again today on TSY, featuring this photo series of the Poler gang out on a dude motorbike camping trip. Love the film treatment here, and the Oregon backcountry is looking quite inviting (next summer). Poler produces a tight run of tents, tees, sweats, and hats, with the right ethos: fun and adventure, not posturing and overcomplication. Apparently they are set to expand their product range in the not so distant future, so look for that… more flics after the jump.