Grant Taylor – GT Blazer Low Full Video

I won’t stick my nose in to the ongoing Nike-vs-the-small-guy debate in skateboarding, but I do know that a) Grant Taylor rips and b) I’ve always loved Blazers. Oh and I like creative edits featuring Chopin, although I think a bit less slow-mo would have made clip even better. Best pair of SBs yet? Might have to cop to really know.

Antihero Skateboards: Destination Unknown

What I wanted to post from the skateboarding realm is this new clip from Eli Reed shredding in Tokyo, styles for miles but VHS Mag isn’t being friendly with the embed… then Anti-Hero dropped Destination Unknown out of nowhere featuring gnargly parts from Grant Taylor, Tony Trujillo, Frank Gerwer and a host of others, set to an unfuckitable soundtrack. This is pretty much everything I get stoked on in skating and the phantom pain in my knees while watching is ever-present.

Matix Denim: Ditch Days

‘Matix Denim now carries a LIFETIME GUARANTEE against manufacturing defects in regards to buttons, rivets, zippers, belt loops or seams. Matix Denim is built for daily use and abuse , from the garage to the streets, out on your next adventure, quality Denim built with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.’

Turkey and Chase Stopnik take Matix Denim thru their daily routine in this edit, looks about right to me.

HUF Fall 2014

The HUF crew are back again with their latest offering for the fall 2014 season. Although rather small the lookbook gets it across as to where this collection is headed; on point dirt bag classics. Really feeling the 90’s Lo styles and the footwear, although those Rieder joints are not my taste. Also if you haven’t already you should watch the epicaly later’d on Keith, its so good!


A triumph of filmmaking by Deus, head over to their site and donate an email address now to watch the full-length I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night, teased and previewed all year by the multi-continent brand. A stunning tour through Bali via longboard, skate, moto and deep stand-up barrels, props to Deus for this vision and production and to Harrison Roach and Bryce Young for the timeless shred.