Motorcycle Monday

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It’s Monday, you’re back at work and summer is almost over (although here on the west coast it seems like it might keep going forever). There’s a good chance your motorcycle trips for the season are behind you, and that’s a tough reality to accept, 6 months of grey, cold, snow and rain until we can do it again. So here’s 4 vids to keep you occupied while you remember the good times over the past few months and the adventures yet to come. Sourced from Bolts, 4Q, LLTK and Cycle Zombies.


Show Class x Max Schaaf

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Quick vid from Show Class Mag featuring Max Schaaf‘s new Panhead… beauty setting and a good laugh towards the end. Judging by the pics Born Free was boss times last weekend, must peep one day.

On another note apologies for the slow blauging: summer has finally arrived on the wet coast and we’ve been going crazy… another Instagram dump soon to show you what we’ve been up to.


Grammin Out

We haven’t been posting a lot lately, for simple reasons: the days are longer, the weather has been amazing on the west coast, and we have too many hobbies. We’ve both been snappin phone pix along the way, thought I would post some to give an insight as to what we’ve been up to. Gonna be an awesome summer, you can follow me via and Brendan as well, more after the jump.



With summer now here in full force, plans are starting to formulate for the next installment of the GOC roadtrip. The city grind got me jonesin for the open road, beaches, lakes, campfire grub, nature beers, and sleeping bags on too-thin mattresses. As an aside from the usual stream of menswear I thought I’d gather photos from Adventures, An Upside Down Circle and my own archives, that feature the crew on our bikes, at our best, free and easy… lookin forward to what the next few months might bring.


Outlier ‘Summer Shorts’

I don’t know about you, but I find shorts to be a bit of a hard one to find the right pair, or even pull off properly for that matter. Outlier has you covered with their ‘Summer Shorts,’ which not only take care of business in the short dept. but also double as a great pair of swim trunks. These beauties are made with their light weight ‘4Season’ fabric, with internal drawstring, belt loops and mesh pockets. So basically put these on, ride to the beach/lake, jump in and swim, jump out have a beer and then ride home, Outlier are just making it too easy…


Songs for your Indian Summer

As summer draws to a close I think its important to savor every last drop of sunshine and warmth you can feel on your skin… and even though I welcome the oncoming fall and all that it brings (flannel, denim, and creative inspirations), there is always a bit of melancholy as the days get shorter and cooler. Anyway, here are two great songs for the last few nighttime park hangouts, and a soundtrack to simply being able to go outside in a t-shirt. Dream-wave synths, sweeping arpeggios and pensive vocals makes these tracks surefire ways to transition into the next season with positive attitude (or at least some good new music). Thanks to Matty for the photo.

Baxter – Proof (Lifelike remix)

Keenhouse – Civic Transit (Anoraak remix)



Barcelona-based Delorean have just released a new EP entitled ‘Ayrton Senna,’ and the result is pure shiny summer bliss in the same vein as Cut Copy’s ‘Bright Like Neon Love,’ but with a perfect 2009 post-electro-overload shimmery feel. I’ve been a fan since their 06 and 07 releases, and their recent remix work for bands such as the Mystery Jets, Lemonade, and The Teenagers has been super on point, so it’s great to hear some new original tracks from the band. Pitchfork gave this new EP a ‘Best New Music’ designation, and I couldn’t agree more… don’t sleep on this one, these four tracks will help raise your energy in this crazy hot sweaty weather! Here’s my favorite song, and the amazing Teenagers remix, just in case you missed it the first time around:

Delorean – Moonson

The Teenagers – Love No (Delorean remix)