Road To Nowhere

Desillusion Magazine proudly presents Road to Nowhere, a behind the scenes movie by Tomas Hein about his latest road trip deep into north Britain as seen in Desillusion Magazine 44.

“What happened to the dream of surfing in remote breaks? The answer is simple: it was always there and all I needed was determination”

Beautifully shot and edited with a great soundtrack, more stellar video content from Desillusion.

Acid Surfing Issue 2

Acid is a humble and exploratory publication with surfing as an entry point, made to make you marvel and want to get in the water. Issue 2 will treat you with an extensive look at Gotland, the Hawaii of the Baltic Sea; a trip underwater to discover artificial reefs; a tale of survival attempts in tropical and polar waters; an examination of the relationship between surfing and coastal developments and a balsa sculpture of a surfer in a fur coat. And some more’

Love the look of the mag, and always hyped to discover a new print publication! Available to your door via.

Christmas Serenade

Oh hells yes, some cold water stoke via Vernacular Observatory, a New England based video house covering surf, skate, snow, etc. It’s been Juneuary here for the most part so we’ve got nothing to complain about, when you know dudes are trekking though the snow to get waves. Peep the VO About vid for half an idea of how they like to get rad.

Saturdays Surf NYC Spring/Summer 2014

Saturdays is a label we have developed a bit of a love/not so much love relationship with… super clean collections and a good vibe to the brand, but topping out the price bracket big time for what are really nuanced basics. I respect any label that can hustle and make it in this overcrowded #menswear marketplace though, so props are given where they’re due… just wish/think the sticker should come down a bit. This s/s collection is very warm-looking (not our favourite) but still come standouts.. click through for more.